Goat hooves / Patas de cabra

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NO GOATS WERE HURT IN the making of this blog post. Patas de cabra [goat hooves/paws] were two of the pastries San Geraldo brought home the other day (click here). They were so good I couldn’t resist picking up a couple more. I asked for the name when I was at the bakery and the man behind me, the only other customer, let out a moan and said, “Patas de cabra. My favorite. I could live on them.” I told him that’s why I was back. I just had no idea what they were called. He laughed and said he was told to get bread and only bread, so he might follow me home.

It wasn’t easy to find information online. I first typed in patas de cabra and my screen filled with actual goat hooves. So I got more specific and managed to at least get a bit of information. I had assumed goat cheese would be one of the ingredients, but it seems the name comes from what they resemble — like elephant ears, which are known as palmeras here, because they also look like palm leaves. (San Geraldo loves those covered in chocolate.)

Patas de cabra are made with flour, eggs, and sugar (even I could have guessed that). There are variations. Down the center of ours is I think cabello de angel, preserves made from the long yellow fibers inside a pumpkin, which I told you about recently (click here). They’re then topped with a sweet eggy icing, with chocolate adornment so they do resemble goat hooves.

I met Kathleen, Pedro, and the kids on the beach Thursday morning for a good visit. Beckett has gotten so used to the swimming pool, that he wasn’t at all interested in the more unpredictable sea. Luke was building a sand wall at surf’s edge with the intention of keeping the surf back. It didn’t work. Luke didn’t care. Pedro started exercising. It’s what Pedro does. First squats, then push ups. Luke took his cue and did the same. Of course, if Luke did it, Beckett had to do it. All for the camera.

When Kathleen didn’t follow, I asked and she complied. She was amazing. I’m sure she did more than 100 perfect push ups —although I stopped counting and turned off my camera after three.


NINGUNAS CABRAS FUERON HERIDAS EN la realización de esta publicación de blog. Patas de cabra fueron dos de los pasteles que San Geraldo trajo a casa el otro día (haz clic aquí). Eran tan buenos que no pude resistirme a recoger un par más. Pregunté por el nombre cuando estaba en la panadería y el hombre detrás de mí, el único otro cliente, dejó escapar un gemido y dijo: “Patas de cabra. Mi favorito. Podría vivir de ellos.” Le dije que por eso había vuelto. Simplemente no tenía idea de cómo se llamaban. Se rió y dijo que le dijeron que trajera pan y solo pan, para poder seguirme a casa.

No fue fácil encontrar información en línea. Primero escribí patas de cabra y mi pantalla se llenó de cascos de cabra reales. Así que me volví más específico y logré al menos obtener un poco de información. Había asumido que el queso de cabra sería uno de los ingredientes, pero parece que el nombre proviene de lo que parecen: orejas de elefante, que aquí se conocen como palmeras, porque también parecen hojas de palmera. (A San Geraldo le encantan las cubiertas de chocolate)

Las patas de cabra se hacen con harina, huevos y azúcar (incluso yo podría haberlo adivinado). Hay variaciones. En el centro del nuestro está Creo cabello de ángel, conservas hechas de las largas fibras amarillas dentro de una calabaza, de las que les hablé recientemente (haz clic aquí). Luego se cubren con un glaseado de huevo dulce, con adornos de chocolate para que se parezcan a las patas de cabra reales.

Conocí a Kathleen, Pedro y los niños en la playa el jueves por la mañana para una buena visita. Beckett recibió tan acostumbrado a la piscina, que no le interesaba en absoluto el mar más impredecible. Luke estaba construyendo un muro de arena en el borde del oleaje con la intención de mantener el oleaje atrás. No funcionó. A Luke no le importaba. Pedro empezó a hacer ejercicio. Es lo que hace Pedro. Primera sentadillas, luego flexiones. Luke siguió su ejemplo e hizo lo mismo. Por supuesto, si Luke lo hizo, Beckett tenía que hacerlo. Todo para la cámara.

Cuando Kathleen no cumplió, le pregunté y ella obedeció. Ella fue asombrosa. Estoy seguro de que hizo ella más de 100 flexiones perfectas — aunque dejé de contar y apagué la cámara después de tres.

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36 thoughts on “Goat hooves / Patas de cabra”

  1. I like Becketts idea of push ups the best!!!!!! Now hand me one of those delish looking goat hooves!

    And no wonder dear Kathleen smiles a lot with Pedro around!!!!!!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Beckett’s push-ups were hilarious. And he was so serious about them. The goat hooves are waiting for you. Yeah, Kathleen admits Pedro’s not bad. But then neither is she. She just not so quick to take her shirt off and show off.

  2. Beckett’s push ups and mine are remarkably similar. Actually, I think his form is better. 🙂

    1. Mary:
      I loved Beckett’s follow-through with his hands in the sand. I’ll have to try it.

    1. Kathleen:
      I didn’t lie! You DID comply. You are ALWAYS amazing. And I’m sure the push ups were [push up was] perfect.

    1. Chrissoup:
      Kind of you to say. We have lots of good acquaintances and a few good friends.

  3. That family is just too, too adorable! All of them! I shall pass on the Patas de Cabra (another great drag name).

    1. Deedles:
      I think Patas de Cabra needs more as a drag name. Maybe Latah Pata de Cabra? They are a great family!

  4. Such a lovely family. They are good friends to you, and you are a good friend to them, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.


      1. I clicked the wrong email address when I replied and, well, it’s me ….Bob.
        I was wondering why you were so formal!

  5. I suppose being the camera wielder is why there are no photos of your joining in on the fun. A great day at the beach and delicious pastries!

  6. It certainly looks like fun was had by all at the beach — I hope you shared your goat hooves with your friends!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Shared the goat hooves. We only had TWO! Besides not a great snack on the beach.

  7. A family that exercises together stays together……or something like that!
    I too would try out one of those hooves!

    1. Jim:
      I actually started off with that phrase as the title and then thought… or something like that! The patas de cabra are TOO good.

  8. Ohhhhh that looks sooooo delicious!
    Wonderful post, full of sweet things and sweet people!

  9. I went to the farmers market this morning, and the pastry vendor said she won’t be there next Saturday, I am bereft, what shall I do next Saturday? She will be back the following weekend, and her shop is only about 4 miles away. The Pastry looks, wonderful, I’ve never followed anyone home for a pastry . . .

    1. David:
      I’d say pop over here. There’ll be plenty of pastries. I’ve followed someone home for less… well, maybe it wasn’t less.

  10. Patas de Capra!
    My soul swoons.
    I want some.
    it also sounds a great thing to say out loud, like “Mamma Mia” or “Patience above”
    Patas de Capra ! I think I may owe you royalty fees on this one.

    1. Anon (Spo?):
      But get it right. Patas de Cabra. Otherwise you could be talking about Frank Capra’s feet.

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