A Sacred Cow / Una Vaca Sagrada

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

Lately, our local sand sculptures haven’t really excited me, and I was just Wednesday morning thinking about how much I’ve missed Paul Blane. He lives nearby and, during our first few years in Fuengirola, I could find him on the beach most days creating exceptional works of art (click here). He’s got the perfect combination of skill, talent, creativity, intelligence, and wit.

Paul has been busy with other things these couple of years and I had thought of writing him this week. So, what a great surprise to be out for a walk and come upon Paul creating something for Christmas. He may only be available temporarily but he brightened up my week. He’s still applying the finishing touches. So I’ll be back.

Ultimamente, nuestras esculturas de arena locales realmente no me han emocionado, y el miércoles por la mañana estaba pensando en lo mucho que extrañaba a Paul Blane. Él vive cerca y, durante nuestros primeros años en Fuengirola, lo pude encontrar en la playa casi todos los días creando maravillosas obras de arte. (haz clic aquí). Él tiene la combinación perfecta de habilidad, talento, creatividad, inteligencia, e ingenio.

Paul ha estado ocupado con otras cosas estos dos años y había pensado escribirle esta semana. Entonces, qué gran sorpresa salir de paseo y encontrar a Paul creando algo para la Navidad. Puede que solo esté disponible temporalmente pero alegró mi semana. Él todavía está aplicando los toques finales. Así que volveré.

Wednesday. / El Miércoles
Paul replenishing supplies. / Paul, reponiendo suministros.
Thursday / El Jueves
Friday / El Viernes
Mary looks like she just got away with something. What could it be? / María parece a alguien que se salió con la suya. ¿Que podría ser?

Green Eggs And Ham? / ¿Huevos Verdes Con Jamon?

La versión español está después de las dos fotos.

While out walking today, I came upon a flock of pigeons foraging beneath the “palm trees” on the beach (the palms seen here) . Among the pigeons, and soon to take their place almost entirely, were monk parakeets. It’s rare to see them on the ground and so exposed. ‘There must be some good feasting,’ I thought. And then I remembered that yesterday we had winds of up to 90 km an hour (56 mph). A feast must have been blown out of the trees.

A bit later, I stopped at the supermarket and came upon a Christmas display of hams. Hams abound here in Spain. It’s said that, after the expulsion of the Jews and Moors in 1492, eating pork became a way of proving one’s Christian credentials. 

Now I know monk parakeets don’t lay green eggs (their eggs are white), but it did make me think. 

Mientras caminaba hoy, me encontré con una bandada de palomas debajo de las “palmas” en la playa (las palmas que se ven aquí). Entre las palomas, y pronto para ocupar su lugar casi en su totalidad, había cotorras monjes (cotorras argentinas). Es raro verlos en el suelo y tan expuestos. ‘Debe haber algún buen banquete’, pensé. Y luego recordé que ayer teníamos vientos de hasta 90 km por hora (56 mph). Un banquete debe haber sido expulsado de los árboles.

Un poco más tarde, me detuve en el supermercado y me encontré con una exhibición navideña de jamones. Los jamones abunden aquí en España. Se dice que, después de la expulsión de judíos y moros en 1492, comer carne de cerdo se convirtió en una forma de demostrar las credenciales cristianas.

Sé que los cotorras monjes no ponen huevos verdes (sus huevos son blancos), pero sí me hicieron pensar.

But I Don’t Wanna…

While on a walk along the paseo today, I came to a spot above the beach and noticed a little person, a woman, walking down below. I noticed her because she was a bit over-dressed for a walk on the beach on this summer-like day.

She wore a dark pants suit with vest and a long-sleeved white ruffled blouse. She had an enormous dark bow on her head and she strode purposefully along the beach while looking down at her feet.

We both continued on our paths until I could see more clearly. I thought she had been clutching a shoulder bag against her mid-section. It wasn’t a shoulder bag at all. It was a pistol.

(Click the images to see what I saw.)


“MA!!! SHARK!!!”

The Puffy Shirt…

Red Hotness

It’s been hot here. And steamy. And the air hasn’t been all that pleasant. There were sand storms in Northern Africa in recent days that made their way across the sea to Andalucía. The red dust was said to reach as far as Sevilla (a couple of hours north of us). It definitely reached here.

(Click the images to see what the wind blew in.)


Sweater Weather

The other day, as I walked on the Paseo in the hot summer sun, a woman and a little boy (maybe 2 years old) crossed to my side of the street as they headed for the beach. In Spanish, the mother said to the little boy, “Look. There’s Grandpa!” The little boy beamed and ran toward a shirtless man who was just about to step onto the sand. The boy stopped abruptly.

“Mamá,” he shrieked. “Grandpa has a sweater!”