Those Who Cannot Change Their Minds / Aquellos Que No Pueden Cambiar de Opinión

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GEORGE BERNARD SHAW wrote: “Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.” I’m sure his intent was something profound, however, since our arrival in Spain in the summer of 2011, we have had three different sets of dining room furniture. We bought the first at IKEA in Sevilla when we arrived. That came with us to Fuengirola less than two years later and was quickly replaced by a contemporary glass and chrome table. The glass and chrome table became my office desk when we decided to live without a dining room and get a piano instead.

Well, we’re back to having a dining room. I’m so happy I even polished the brass candlesticks. More importantly, though, the cats are happy. And isn’t that why we exist? (Anyway, that’s what Dudo and Moose tell me and why would they lie?)


GEORGE BERNARD SHAW escribió: “Aquellos que no pueden cambiar de opinión, no pueden cambiar nada”. Estoy seguro de que su intención fue algo profundo, sin embargo, desde nuestra llegada a España en el verano de 2011, hemos tenido tres juegos diferentes de comedor. Compramos el primero en IKEA en Sevilla cuando llegamos. Eso vino con nosotros a Fuengirola menos de dos años después y fue reemplazado rápidamente por una mesa contemporánea de vidrio y cromo. La mesa de cristal y cromo se convirtió en el escritorio de mi oficina cuando decidimos vivir sin un comedor y comprar un piano.

Bueno, volvimos a tener un comedor. Estoy tan feliz que incluso pulí las velas de latón. Sin embargo, lo más importante es que los gatos son felices. ¿Y no es por eso que existimos? (De todos modos, eso es lo que Dudo y Moose me dicen y ¿por qué mentirían?)


Some of our dining rooms over the years. Three sets of furniture and 13 homes from 1981 to 2011. Three more sets and only two homes from 2011 to 2019.
Algunos de nuestros comedores a lo largo de los años. Tres juegos de muebles y 13 hogares de 1981 a 2011. Tres juegos más y solo dos hogares de 2011 a 2019.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “Those Who Cannot Change Their Minds / Aquellos Que No Pueden Cambiar de Opinión”

  1. Oh, I don’t remember ever seeing interior photos of your place in Sevilla. That was fun to see! I love seeing photos of your various homes. (And, I bet you made some fantastic gingerbread men!)

      1. Maddie:
        We loved that place in Sevilla and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have found it. It was in the historic center of the city on a beautiful plaza. We were on the corner. Really grand. Every room had a balcony with French doors, even one of the 2 bathrooms. But when the water heater thermostat didn’t work, building manager would do nothing about it, it sent boiling water through the pipes which exploded in the walls. A nightmare that was never resolved. Wood floors buckled. Mold couldn’t be contained. This location and view can’t be beat, but oh how I wish we could have taken that apartment with us… or at least those ceilings.

    1. Anne Marie,
      It’s not that I can’t cook or never have, it’s just that I don’t enjoy it. But yeah that was the shape of things to come in our house. Jerry baked the gingerbread men and I decorated Them. I had a blast. Maybe we should do that again this year. Haven’t done it since 1982!

  2. I am trying to think how many dining tables we’ve had ….one …. two.
    Twp.That said, I love the glass table, especially the legs, and clearly the boys like it, too!

    1. Bob,
      We’ve only had one kitchen table. My parents bought it in 1950 and gave it to me in 1978. We gave it to Goodwill before our move to Spain in 2011. Still in perfect condition with 2 leaves.

  3. You obviously love the candlesticks as they have been a fixture in all/most of the dining rooms. they are very interesting. What is their story?
    I really like what you have now with the glass table.

    1. Jim,
      Will do a separate post about the candlesticks, I think. The dolphins were purchased in San Diego in 1994. New at the time. I am loving this dining area. Now we just have to use it!

    1. David:
      Those original colors seemed cool at the time (and it wasn’t that long ago), but I very quickly tired of them and they made this small apartment look smaller. I decided i wanted to draw all attention to the color and view outside. We painted (well, we had it painted) a couple of times until I got it back to this papyrus shade with one eggplant wall. Right now it’s my favorite look; we’ll see how long I last.

    1. Larrymuffin:
      The dolphin candlesticks were new in the photo from San Diego 1994. Moose, especially, loves the new chairs. They both love the new recliners. The chaise belongs to Dudo late morning. But it’s cooled off (currently a “raw” 18C), so Dudo has been spending a lot more time in SG’s office … because he already has the heat on!

    1. Susan:
      So far, Dudo and Moose are the only ones to use them. I might have to make SG host a small dinner. When can you be here?

  4. You guys should be professional nomads by now!!!!!!!! And coming from an interior design background…. brava on the current set!!!!! Looks great, and you guys have great taste. Im in LOVE with the inter-twining fish candlesticks. But let’s be honest here tootes, Dudo and Moose, have yet again, upstaged your tour!!!!! That look Moose is giving…..

      1. Mistress Maddie:
        My next blog post I think will be about the candlesticks.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      When we worked, the moves were always paid for (once by my company, but usually for Jerry and top of the line service at that). They paid for packing, cars, pets, hotels. So we WERE professional nomads. Now, no one will pay us, so we’re staying put longer. Thanks so much regarding the current look. We love it. We bought the dolphin candlesticks, new, in San Diego in 1994 at a shop called Tchotchkes in Hillcrest. You would have loved it. Lately I can’t seem to take one picture without a cat walking into view. Dudo will pose. Moose turns her back but stays front and center.

  5. What beautiful candlesticks…and something you can take with you no matter how far you wander. All of your places were/are beautiful. Are you doing Christmas cookies this year? Decorating them almost counts as cooking

    1. Cheapchick:
      I’ll soon tell about the candlesticks. We haven’t done those cookies since that first time in 1982 (our second Christmas together and the only one in Marina del Rey). We might be do again this year. I had so much fun.

    1. Adam:
      We had my parents 1950 kitchen table — sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes under table cloth as a side table in the living room — from 1978 until 2011. It was mint condition formica with copper color stainless steel legs. Very cool.

  6. I agree with the others all you have a splendid things – especially the cats
    Mr. Shaw – don’t you know most people don’t want to change?

    1. Urspo:
      Thanks. We got rid of most of our things in 2011 before we moved to Spain, but still have some very special ones. I DO miss some of the things we left behind but it’s nice to be less burdened.

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