I Want Some Hot Stuff / Quiero Algo Caliente

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FUENGIROLA’S 11th ANNUAL Ruta de la Tapa Erótica (Route of the Erotic Tapa) began November 1st and runs through the 17th. This year the competition includes 73 restaurants around town vying to have the best erotic tapa (“spicy,” sexy, and funny) of the year. You get a tapa and drink for €2.50. I have my “Tapaporte” and, so far, I have two stamps. If I sample 10 tapas (and obtain 10 stamps), I can vote for my favorite, receive a free gift, and maybe win a prize — like a €2,000 travel voucher, an Apple iMac, an iPhone or Apple Watch, a Samsung 65″ TV, and more.

San Geraldo and I checked out Mesón Salvador, of course, for our first tapa erotica. My pal Luke’s parents and I love to meet around town to sample the entries. So, I had the joy of spending time Wednesday with Luke (soon to be 4) and his little brother, Beckett (2-1/2 months) — the smiliest and happiest little baby. He especially loves when I talk to him. I asked him if it’s because he loves my voice or because he thinks I’m funny looking. He just laughed some more.


LA 11a RUTA Anual de la Tapa Erótica de Fuengirola comenzó el 1 de noviembre y se extiende hasta el 17. Este año, incluye 73 restaurantes en la ciudad compitiendo por tener la mejor tapa erótica (“caliente”, sexy, y divertida) del año. Una tapa y una bebida para €2,50. Tengo mi “Tapaporte” y, hasta ahora, tengo dos sellos. Si pruebo 10 tapas (y obtener 10 sellos), puedo votar por mi favorito, recibir un regalo gratis, y tal vez ganar un premio, como un bono de viaje de € 2.000, un Apple iMac, un iPhone o Apple Watch, un televisor Samsung de 65″ y más.

San Geraldo y yo visitamos Mesón Salvador, por supuesto, para nuestra primera tapa erótica. A los padres de mi amiguito Luke y a mí nos encanta reunirnos en la ciudad para probar las entradas. Entonces, tuve la alegría de pasar tiempo el miércoles con Luke (que pronto cumplirá 4 años) y su hermano pequeño, Beckett (2-1/2 meses) — el bebé más sonriente y feliz. Especialmente ama cuando hablo con él. Le pregunté si es porque ama mi voz o porque cree que tengo un aspecto gracioso. Solo se rio un poco más.


Mesón Salvador: Pequeñitas pero Juguetonas / Tiny but Playful
“Palito” de pollo / Chicken “stick”
Bar El Río: Con Picardía / With Mischief
Taco de carrilada / Pork cheek taco


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “I Want Some Hot Stuff / Quiero Algo Caliente”

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      As I told Deedles, I think you meant “Ha” stuff. But thanks. If it gets a smile, I don’t care what it is.

  1. Yum! Uh…, that chicken stick? You couldn’t have took a picture pre-dipped, could you. Now I have diseased and prurient thoughts running through my head! You sure do bring out the 12 year old boy in me. Oh well, somebody had to go there, it might as well be me.

    1. Deedles:
      Well, I’ve been told that although it can sometimes be good on its own, it can also sometimes be even better when dipped in something.

  2. Such a fun event! Definitely strive to get 10 stamps so you can enter the contest — those are good prizes!

    1. David:
      It’s not a bad deal either. I usually get my tapa with a beer, but one beer mid-day is my limit, so I’ll have to go water or soft drink if I want to fill up the card fast.

    1. Bob:
      Some of the chefs are so clever and some of the dishes border on (well cross the border into) obscene.

  3. I love this idea, definitely needs to come to Canada but maybe in the form of desserts…..

    1. Cheapchick:
      Some of the restaurants DO have dessert entries instead of regular tapas. I plan to check that out.

  4. This could be your lucky week! Now git out there and collect those stamps! And enjoy all those tapas!

    1. Jim:
      Back out there Monday for at least one… if the winds and my allergies cooperate. Awful day today and the building is still shaking.

  5. We’ve eaten fish sticks (dipped in tartar sauce) all our lives with nary a snicker. Now, chicken sticks get us all hot and bothered? Must be something in the Spanish wine. And now I want some. Hot stuff, baby. This evening. 😉

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Yeah, really the chicken sticks were not all that inspired (and it was mayo sauce… eh). But I love Mesón Salvador and the “ruta” began the day after their huge Halloween bash. I think they were grateful to have something ready to serve.

    1. Kirk:
      OK, I always put Mesón Salvador first anyway, but I really would like to win a prize this year. So I’ll keep sampling.

  6. Quiero Algo Caliente – this is better than today’s Spanish lesson which was all about grandmothers cooking things while I left the house. Thank you !

    1. Urspo,
      And you have to be careful when you use the word caliente to describe someone here. In the States I would say “you look hot” and it would be a compliment. The first time I said it to a very chic friend here in Spanish, she laughed and in her explanation suggested that caliente was more like hot to trot. Not everyone I know agrees, but she was my best and most literate Spanish teacher of all my Spanish friends. So, in refined company, I’m still careful about that.

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