Under the Weather

I’ve been sick. Or, as I’ve told Lola it’s more proper to say, I’ve been ill. I’m sure the literal translation of “under the weather” won’t make any sense in Spanish. It might even mean something dirty. So, I won’t try that. I’ve been in bed and miserable for two days — stomach, chills, aches, sweats. It hasn’t been fun, but I think I’m on the mend. Jerry is a good nurse. So expect to see a post from me soon about a charming evening spent in Carmona.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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  1. Dear Mitch, Get well soon! Horrible to feel so awful, but how lovely that you have a great nurse. If it were possible, on the comments form, I would send you a bunch of your favourite spring flowers – you'll just have to imagine them instead.

  2. Don't fret my pet, I'll come over and make you some Cuban chicken soup…it is like the Jewish one except it has a lot more guilt infused into it.

    hope you get better.


  3. That's bad, Mitch. So very sorry. I feel for you, as someone currently having his own health troubles – but at least I like to think I'm on the rebound.
    We know how highly you value Jerry so we're confident you're in good hands. Get back on your feet soon – though not before you feel you're able. Meanwhile we'll hang on to that tantalising mention of your pleasant Carmona evening.
    Big, fat, healthy wishes to you.

    1. Thanks, Raybeard. I intend to be back to normal (well MY normal) tomorrow. Sorry to learn you're having your own health troubles. Hope you're quickly improving as well.

  4. Take care of yourself, Mitch, and revel in Jerry's care (I've been nursed by a fantastic husband and know the recuperative value of it!) Hope you're back on your feet and moving very soon.

  5. Hello Mitch:
    One can only imagine the problems of translating 'under the weather' or even 'not feeling quite oneself' in Spanish!! Nevertheless, we are sorry that you are not well and hope that you will soon be restored to full fitness. Good to know that Jerry is a fine nurse and that you are being well looked after!

    1. J&L:
      All I kept thinking was, "Oh, don't let this be anything serious. Jerry will never be able to explain to the ambulance driver." He tried to tell one of the servers downstairs why I wasn't there two mornings in a row. What she could get out of it was that I had a stomach ache. To that, he was at least able to shake his head "no" and say the Spanish word for "more."

  6. Leeches. Not lychees, leeches. You need bleeding. There's badness in you and it needs to come out. You probably swallowed some night air or a small demon. Purging and bleeding, bleeding and purging.

    Get well soon.

    1. Peter:
      I tend to prefer being left alone when I'm along (because even I can't stand hearing me whine). But Jerry really is a very attentive nurse (once he gets over his fear that he might catch whatever it is I've got).

  7. Unless you're in pain, a high fever could be nice. It makes you rest and relax yourself. I know, I sound weird. Oh well!
    Take care.

    1. Mark:
      Oddly, I understand what you mean. Once the chills and aches passed, I did at least enjoy not feeling any compunction to be productive for a couple of days. I'm not very good at lying in bed and reading all day (well, I'm good at it; I just don't feel I have a right to it). I can only imagine how magnified that is in your household.

  8. Oh dear Mitch. Sorry to hear you're not on top form. I have a two week theory. If I'm not well in two weeks, I give in and go to see the doctor. I have not seen a doctor in 12 years! Hope your feeling better soon 🙂

  9. Hope this finds you even feeling better than you were earlier today Mitch. Now do what you are told by Nurse Jerry and things could be better in the morning! Don't you just hate being sick? I am a very fussy patient…..ask Ron.

    1. Jim:
      I'm just one big baby. But I don't really want any attention (because I don't want anyone to know what a baby I really am). So glad this was brief.

  10. Thanks, everyone, for all the good wishes. I am feeling much better and plan to be back in blogging (and commenting) trim tomorrow. No more whining (about this, at least).

  11. La Gran Dama Eloi (96) had not been to a doctor in 32 years. She was forced to do a visit when Medicare changed the Healthcare Provider. Of course, they could not find any records for her. So she said: What do you mean records? I haven't been to see a doctor in 32 years." Then the doctor said to her: "Madam, if you weren't my patient I ask you to go dancing" To which she replied: "You don't have to tell anybody I'm your patient"
    Well, the point is that there are people that never, ever get sick.
    I hope that you are feeling better by now.
    By the way, I have another blog with all of my mom's stories: http://cuentostiaeloi.blogspot.com/ Most of it is in Spanish but there are plenty of English translations.

    1. Raulito:
      God bless La Gran Dama Eloi! I've got usually good health, but not the track record of La Dama. My stomach is still not back to normal. Other than that, hugely better. Thanks. I can't wait to check out your blog on your mother's stories. Maybe I can even practice my Spanish comprehension. Thanks!

  12. Do take care of your temple, sweetie…! wink wink…Hope you get a chance to see my post on Sat and you'll see who fell in love with me at the Three Dog Bakery…check it out…Mitchy!

    1. sopjhie…^5:
      I'm about to start roaming the blogs again. Anyway, who couldn't fall in love with "you" at the Three Dog Bakery (can't wait to find out if the "you" is Ron or Sophie).

  13. Mitch – I can't find your email address!
    The shirt is next for you, if you are still interested; please contact me to arrange it !

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