Not Enough Fairy Dust

Just down the beach from us and visible from our terrace is a great new summer construction of four bungee trampolines. San Geraldo and I have been dying to give it a try.


Yesterday evening on my way home from an 8-km (5-mile) walk, I stopped and asked what maximum weight was allowed. No more than 80 kilos, I was told. That’s about l76 pounds. I knew that after we moved to Sevilla in 2011 I had lost some weight and was down to around 77 kilos (169 pounds). I also knew I had put some weight back on (happily) since our arrival in Fuengirola. I wasn’t too keen to be at the top limit of the bungee cords or trampolines, but decided to weigh myself and see where things stood.

This morning, before breakfast I weighed in at 80.47 kilos (177 pounds). Someone else might fudge the numbers but I’m no daredevil. So, unless Peter Pan has a truckload of fairy dust, I guess I won’t be flying. And since San Geraldo describes himself as “robusto,” it goes without saying he’s grounded, too.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Not Enough Fairy Dust”

  1. Oh, what a shame! I'm sure there'd be great demand to see you flying through the air and doing loops and somersaults 'a la Tinkerbell'. But it seems you're going to be as grounded as poor Nana, looking on longingly and helplessly. However, if you're needing motivation to lose more weight this surely is it!

    1. Raybeard:
      I DO believe in fairies! But I don't need to lose weight. That 6 or so pounds I put on are not fat. I could stand to put on another 5 pounds to make myself happy. I've got the reverse problem to most. (And, I know, I get no sympathy.)

  2. Well…there's a goal for you Mitch…flying by the end of the summer…flying high, flying low, flying up and flying down….sorry just getting carried away, well just like you when you learn to FLY!!!!

  3. Weight can be a bitch. I was denied landing on a glacier in a helicopter because of my weight. I was told the problem wasn't the helicopter but the glacier. Evidently I was considered heavy enough to break a glacier. That's hardly an ego boost.

  4. Well… I could do that… but Bill is too heavy…. and.. guess which of us would think it fun? Hey… we saw you just a few months ago… you sure as heck aren't overweight! So they don't consider height as well?

    1. Sharon:
      Height and age don't seem to be a concern. Just weight. I think it has to do with the tensile strength of the bungee cords… and the trampolines… and maybe those aluminum tubes holding the entire thing up!

  5. Guess it must just be for kids! Great photos by the way Mitch. Seems there's always something happening around you.

  6. Wow, that looks like such fun. I'd love to do that, if it weren't for my age, my weight, my schedule, the cost and the fact that I live a long ways away. But, otherwise I would!

  7. It looks like great fun!

    I hear you on the weight, not that I have any problem keeping it on but the Great Scot definitely does. Why do you think I cook and bake so much? =)

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