A Flamboyance And Chicks

I had the great pleasure of returning this week with the family to Bioparc Fuengirola (Fuengirola Zoo). After seeing flamingos in the wild last week with San Geraldo (click here for a return visit to Fuente de Piedra), I didn’t think I’d have much interest in seeing “zoo flamingos” again even though there’s a good-sized flock (flamboyance) here at Bioparc. But there are a number of flamingos sitting on eggs and we saw two chicks. Suddenly I was interested.

Too bad I’m retired. This might be a good market for my FLAMINGO products.


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18 thoughts on “A Flamboyance And Chicks”

  1. I have been collecting feathers for a while now. The turkeys are molting so I'm getting a good assortment of them. I couldn't help but notice the wealth of flamingo feathers littering the ground in your photos. They must be molting too!

  2. Hi Mitch,
    A "Flamboyance". I didn't know that, what a fantastic name and so appropriate. You learn something new every day 🙂

    Thanks for popping into both mine and Megs.
    Much love Mitch. Happy days!

  3. A flamboyance! Love it!
    Didn't know what that was at first…..have not seen a baby flamingo before, soft and cute!
    Oh you artists…..make things look so simple!

    1. Jim:
      The babies really are adorable. I saw them for the first time at the San Diego Zoo.

      My FLAMINGO design simply popped into my head. It was an oddly easy one. Some of them took a lot of playing around.

  4. Oh man those chicks are so cute. I would have been totally taken with this and just plunked myself down for awhile to watch. Your flamingo creation is quite nice. You certainly have the artist coursing through your veins! Thanks for sharing!!

    PS. Hendrix and BumbleBee say HI!!

  5. We have a family of ducks that we've watched from their infancy. They live in a nearby park that has a huge fish pond. We noticed one day a mama duck with four tiny ducklings and now we go down to the pond every day to check their progress. It has been about a month and today, for the first time, one of the ducklings (they grow very fast!) decided to leave the group and meander around by himself. All of his siblings followed them and his mother went quacking after them, spreading her wings, trying to get them back behind her. They'd have none of it, so finally she just seemed to sigh and content herself with following behind her brood, keeping them in her sight, but letting them choose the course. I was in tears and told my daughter, "This is how I feel about you!" She replied, "And that is how I feel about YOU! Always trying to make me follow you when I want to go out on my own for a while!" Hard lessons taught from a duck.

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