Baby Face

There’s an elegant antiques and collectibles store on one of the main shopping streets in our neighborhood of Los Boliches. In the window is a consistently creepy — to me — display. I suppose if you like or collect dolls, you might appreciate the realism of the ones for sale here. I’m so glad San Geraldo and I weren’t kept behind glass.



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  1. LOL! I normally don't like dolls because their faces are so static and vacant, but I love the last 2 pictures of you and San Geraldo! What adorable babies you both were. And grown up to be such adorable adults.

    1. Jo:
      They're fascinating, but still creepy to me. I just learned they're called "reborns" and there's apparently a growing subculture who collect them. Some owners even treat them as real babies (take them to restaurants with them, etc.) They're all hand-made by individual artists and cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars! I won't get into what I've read about who the majority of collectors are. Let's just say, they're not our types of people, although I'm sure some are very nice.

    1. Bob:
      Aw, thanks. And that's got to be the worst baby picture of me I've ever seen. Wish I were still so "cute." As for the dolls (called "reborns"), the more I read, the creepier they become.

  2. OMG, this is SCARY! I'd be hurrying past the window, yet squinting sideways to take a peek. Still, I'd rather have babies in the window than animals.
    Btw: You look like your nappy (diaper) needs changing – not so with S.G.!

  3. They are scarily real! Great photoshopping skills too! ahah!

    Thanks for you comment about my Glamnic, it was just as magical as it looks i can assure you! 🙂

  4. Cabbage Patch Dolls they're not! Heck, neither were you or SG (thank goodness!)… they sure are realistic for being antiques (the dolls… NOT you and SG)… oh heck… I'm just digging in deeper. Okay… the clothing is exquisite!

  5. That is creepy – although they do look quiet realistic. Reminds me of my perception of Rosemary's Baby after I saw the movie……lol.
    However, you and Gerry were just adorable!

  6. I don't mind them so much from a distance through the glass, but up close and personal, there's something extremely disturbing about them. Not you and San G. of course.

  7. Those dolls are super creepy. My middle daughter had a new born look a like that her grandma bought her and if she threw it in the pool or left it on the picnic table people actually gave me dirty looks like I was letting her hurt a real baby. Super creepy.

  8. Do you really not recognize who anonymous is? Bina ,my sister , would really like these dolls but not me, Josephine

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