New Beach Toy

We spotted a great two-person beach toy in a shop window down the street. It looked like fun until San Geraldo got an image in his mind of the two of us attempting to use it. To work well, the weight would need to be fairly balanced. We decided against it when San Geraldo described me being catapulted skyward.


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19 thoughts on “New Beach Toy”

  1. Looks like some sort of "inflatable beach haemorrhoid ring seat for lovers" – like one of those back to fronty seats they used to have in t'olden days.


  2. sort of like a double version of what they give you to sit on after you have a baby………just saying.. hysterical!

  3. Great pity you didn't 'take the plunge'. The picture of you being launched would have been priceless. I wonder if these things puncture easily – say, just as an example, by claws (you knew that reference would be sneaked in somewhere, didn't you?). You'd have to keep it in the middle of 'your' swimming pool!

  4. we saw one the other day at a pool party – I was fascinated it was almost literally covered with warning labels of how not to use it on land, not a life presever, etc. For a fun thing all this dire consternation took all the fun out of it !

    1. Spo:
      All those inflatable toys are covered with those warning labels. Seems absurd to me. We bought an inflatable giraffe in the late '80s. Couldn't see the giraffe pattern for all the warnings. Yes, we bought an inflatable giraffe as a life preserver for our yacht.

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