The Drunks of the Monastery

San Geraldo didn’t sleep well last night. So, at noon, he went back to bed. I had planned to work out after we had our morning coffee (breakfast was hours before), but my game was a bit off. So, I decided to delay my workout to this afternoon. Moose was elated when San Geraldo went back to bed. He happily snoozed alongside and wasn’t pleased when San Geraldo took only a half-hour nap. He just finally convinced Dudo to join him.


Sand Bar (my name for it; click here for my first viewing), which had become Taberna de Piratas (Pirate Tavern), has been re-imagined and rechristened as Los Barrachos del Monasterio (The Drunks of the Monastery). One “monk” looks especially comfortable.


The constantly evolving “Drunks of the Monastery” and several other brilliant works along the beach are the designs and masterworks of artist Paul Blane. He is apparently one of the world’s top sand sculptors. Although it’s obvious form his work, I didn’t know until today that it’s an official designation. He’s been written up in international newspapers and travels the world for competitions. He included his website on the “monastery” sign. Check him out at

The weather is still glorious, but temps are climbing a bit. And although it’s not really hot, it feels hotter. Real temp today is 29C/84F, but feels like 33C/92F. From our experience, nothing to complain about, but it may be what has slowed us down. San Geraldo is too lazy to prepare a lunch (and I’m too lazy to clean up afterwards), so we’ll go out for some tapas or pizza today. After that, maybe I’ll see how the monks are doing.


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16 thoughts on “The Drunks of the Monastery”

  1. Yes, just follow the animals….they usually know how to hanlde the weather.
    What beautiful work this sculptor does…..and right at your 'front door', Mitch!

    1. John:
      They were 10 months old when we adopted them and were already called Musy and Dudo. I have no idea where the names came from. I tend to call Musy "Moose." "Dudar" in Spanish means "to doubt." So, "dudo" means "I doubt." But, I don't know. Maybe someone thought they were calling him "Dude."

    1. Stephen:
      I remember in San Diego, at least at one time, they used additives to make the sand sculptures hold together longer. But here, it's just sand, water, and sometimes, spray paint.

  2. I look forward to seeing two monks caught 'in delicto flagrante' – and perhaps even a sand sculpture of them too.

    I'm finding with my cats that in hot weather they'll go and settle somewhere where it's even hotter – like going outside when it's a little bit cooler indoors, or jumping in my lap where it's surely likewise. I would have thought that sleeping against each other would also be uncomfortable for the same reason – but, as we all know, pussies are unfathomable.

  3. Those sand sculptures are quite amazing!
    It's even been hot here in Derbyshire. Lulu (a poodle, not a cat of course) will lie in the baking sun for hours. If I coax her indoors to cool off, she goes out again the moment my back is turned!

    1. Jean:
      Still beautiful here but warm (over 30) and a bit more humid again. Dudo and Moose don't like the mugginess and don't spend much time on the terrace lately. They still want constant attention from us but seem to appreciate a little air space!

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