It’s Yellow!

Nissan is hosting an event on the paseo and beach today. They’re promoting their new all-electric car, the Nissan Leaf. The event’s “grabber” is the Spanish World Cup and Euro Cup champion fútbol (soccer) team. There’s a ball machine on the beach for people to practice their fútbol skills and a net for goalie practice, along with other promotions. After morning coffee, I headed over to check things out. I had a good time talking to the reps (in Spanish), although one guy lost me after “la batería de ión de litio se regenera cada vez que frenas o desaceleras.”


Obviously, the rep didn’t know about my experience car-shopping. In 1981, San Geraldo was getting a new company car (before you had to claim it as income). We took a friend of ours, Tom, with us to browse the different options. While at the Saab dealership, San Geraldo was talking to one salesman while another lifted the hood (unsolicited, I might add) for Tom and me to peer inside.

Tom took one look at the pristine engine and squealed, “It’s yellow!”

After giving my personal information (in Spanish) to one of the charming Nissan reps, and learning from the other that the lithium ion battery “recharges every time you break or slow down,” I moved on to the fun stuff. The free stuff.

Not surprisingly, I chose to not hit the beach to show off my fútbol skills. Other options: a test drive (totally automated); a professional photo of myself (printed) with the Spanish World Cup fútbol team superimposed in the background; or a photo of myself (using my own camera) with the actual World Cup trophy or Euro Cup trophy. I could even do all of the above. I first chose the computerized test drive. But there were a number of people ahead of me and the goal, clearly, was to sell cars. I didn’t want to waste their time. I then thought it would be fun to have my picture taken with “the team.” I stood in line at that tent for a while, but decided, for me at least, it wasn’t worth the wait. So, I headed over to the shortest line to see the trophies. I asked the security guard if there was someone who could use my camera to take my picture. He told me that, in addition to “security guard,” he was also “photographer.” He took two shots.

The photos weren’t great, but I downloaded and straightened and cropped them (from the diagonal). The Dowager Duchess wants pictures of Number One Son and she has mastered printing directly from my blog. So, I’ve grudgingly shared the pictures here… Even though the security guard managed to make me look nothing at all like George Clooney.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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19 thoughts on “It’s Yellow!”

  1. Ha! So…. you UNDERSTOOD the guy when he said "la batería de ión de litio se regenera cada vez que frenas o desaceleras."?? Who CARES if you got lost after that! Amazing that you knew such electric-car-specific vocabulary 🙂 Muy impressive.

    (Who wants to look George Clooney when you can look like Mitchell Block??) 😉

    1. Judeet:
      It took all my concentration to understand that sentence, which meant I missed the next three!

      As for your final question: I have a sneaking suspicion George Clooney, at least, would want to continue to look like George Clooney.

  2. I am thinking physiotherapist when I see these photos of you, Mitch! You fit right in sir!

    I hooted when I read your 'It's yellow' story!! Funny how those memories stay with us.

    1. Jim:
      Was that a typo? Did you mean "psychotherapist"? As in, "That guy needs a psychotherapist!"

      I was trying so hard to pretend I knew what I was looking at and there goes Tom, "It's yellow!" Cover blown.

    1. Stephen:
      Oh, yes, a terrible burden. You can't imagine what it's like going through life looking like this. Just think of the old Pantene commercial … "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

  3. Did you get a shot of yourself sliding on your knees with arms stretched outward the way they do when they score a goal?

  4. I love the story regarding "It's Yellow"! As you say, with all the best will and acting in the world, the game was very much up!
    You look great in these photos – Spain agrees with you.
    If you get to meet Gerard Pique (back left on your top photo) in person one day, slip him my number will you?

    1. Craig:
      If anyone were to task what I remember about that Saab (which I really liked), the one and only thing I remember is the yellow under the hood. Gerard and I go way back. I'll be sure to introduce you.

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