That Cat Is High

Dudo and Moose are now in the habit of having (i.e., demanding) a cat treat every day. Canned tuna in oil? Not a chance. Packed in spring water? No, thanks. Official cat treats only. Dudo loves any cat treat he’s offered. Moose was only initially interested in the canned food. Now, he likes it all. Dudo (the slender) continues to eat more of the treats (and more quickly) than Moose (the stocky).


They both knew that the only time I entered the kitchen was to clean. Now I also go into the kitchen for their treats. So, if we haven’t just finished a meal and I go anywhere near the kitchen, both cats come running. When I call them for treats, they go nuts. Dudo stands on his hind legs. They both “talk” to me non-stop until I place the plates on the floor.


While I was at the hospital the other evening, San Geraldo gave them their treats. When he invited them into the kitchen, they looked at him like he was crazy. He asked them if they wanted treats and they both just tilted their heads at him. He took a can from the shelf and they still didn’t have a clue. They didn’t pay much attention until the can was opened. When I got home, they tried to convince me they hadn’t yet had any.


After treats, they’re both over the moon. They run circles around the house. Chasing each other or themselves… or their imaginary friends. They fly out the door to the terrace, return seconds later through a window, only to fly out still another window. They tease each other. They pounce. They wrestle. And then they sleep. They love my cooking.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “That Cat Is High”

  1. Krazy kitties! A recent visitor left Bert some nice dental treats and he loved them. Now that they're gone, he does not understand and comes to ask for them every day. I can't find the treats here (they're American), so I just started giving him some of his kibble, which seems to satisfy him. For now.

    1. Walt:
      The other day, I was out of the canned treats. I gave them a stick trick that they both like. For the rest of the afternoon and evening, they still expected the canned treat and they let me know it.

  2. Cats at play, though their actions are predictable, are always so damn funny. I think part of it is that they seem to take all their frolics extremely seriously.

    Great music vid, by the way.

  3. Raybeard:
    We come home and find them in any one dozens of the same positions, Still, without fail, we call the other to come and look. And I usually end up taking pictures. WE are so predictable.

  4. Our dog, Socks, continually astounds us. We were told by his breeder not to expect an overly playful pooch, as Scotties tend to be "rather reserved." Socks is not reserved. He is totally shameless. When I get home from work in the evening, he follows me up to my bedroom while I change into sweats and then lays on our bed, on his back, legs splayed like a cheap pickup. He is used to getting a belly rub from me and assumes the position EVERY night now.

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