So, Sue Me

Remember when I told you Thursday that I was not going to whine anymore about the way I was feeling? Well, I did tell you that (click for a reminder). And, well… I lied. The glands in my neck are still swollen. It hurts when I yawn. It hurts when I chew. It hurts when I swallow — even water. It hurts, a lot, when I cough or blow my nose — even gently. Being the drug lightweight I am (and probably because I’ve got some sort of bug taking it out of me), I’m fairly knocked out much of the day.

I have an appointment Thursday with my own doctor (Internal Medicine as opposed to General Practitioner). I’m hoping to be able to hold out until then. It’s certainly not an emergency and I don’t know what more help I’ll get at “Urgencias” than I got last week. The swelling goes up and down. It was awful first thing this morning and, within an hour, it was greatly reduced.

I was out on the terrace for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. The sun felt great. The wind hurt. When I came back in, I sat down in the living room and saw my reflection in a mirror on the opposite wall. I thought it would make a good picture. It did. But I didn’t realize the lump in my neck would be obvious. Also, I probably should have first straightened the mirror.

(I learned if you make all the pictures and mirrors on the walls crooked, people will think you dusted. Well, that’s not true: I used to accuse My Mother The Dowager Duchess of doing that because there was always something askew on her walls. I’m too obsessive-compulsive to leave anything crooked.)

So, I’ll straighten the mirror and will try again when I’m back to my usual photogenic perfection. (And now I’m hallucinating.)

Alright, so, I complained. Again. So, sue me. (But, oddly, I’m feeling quite a bit better right now. Maybe whining is a good thing.) Now I think I’ll go try to chew and swallow something.

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26 thoughts on “So, Sue Me”

    1. Judeet:
      Interesting, I listened to San Geraldo and tried one of his allergy pills called "ColdStop." The swelling is now smaller than it's been since I first noticed it. Maybe I'll even be able to enjoy the beautiful lunch the saint is preparing. Thanks!

  1. Oh dear, not a nice affliction for a person to have.
    I hope it clears up vey soon.
    Then can we have some more photos of you sans lump ?!

  2. Hope you're feeling less lumpy soon and, well, i was going to sue, but then you gave this Showtune Loving Queen a little Nathan and Faith and now I'm just too damn showbiz to sue!

    1. Kristi:
      It's a decongestant. He kept thinking it was allergy/congestion related and he might be right. I had thought anyway it was the result of a sore throat/cold I wasn't really sure I had. I'll keep taking it until I see the doctor. Today has been a much better day!

  3. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly. I do hope you are on the road to recovery soon.
    btw…I love the figurine of the lady in black on your side table. Lovely!

  4. My experience has been that sometimes things happen(like my bowel infection last year) and the doctors never pinpoint the cause. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you recover completely and quickly.

    1. Stephen:
      And this could easily just be be from the common cold. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about at this point, just not much fun. But definitely not as bad as Sunday. Thanks.

  5. Ice-cream – everything feels a lot better with ice-cream… and cake. Cake is good too. And raspberries, you can't go wrong with raspberries. And if you want the ultimate cure, then combine all three in a big bowl and eat your way to health!

    1. Kirk:
      Ooh, that all sounds so good. But San Geraldo has been truly saintly lately and has lost 27 pounds. So, if I want ice cream and cake, I'm on my own! He can have my strawberries.

  6. I think you look lovely.
    As for swollen glands, my money is bet on some nonspecific virus for which you will be told to wait it out. Medicine is the fine art of entertaining the patient while the body heals itself.

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