The Cows And Chickens Are Going To The Dickens

San Geraldo is another year older today. Well, we’re all another year older today than we were on this day last year, but this one counts for San Geraldo. As for me, every day with San Geraldo counts and should be celebrated.


I had originally written a typically sarcastic and still loving post in honor of San Geraldo’s birthday. It was completed last night and ready to go. But, when we woke up this morning, shortly after I sang “Happy Birthday to…” him, he sang a different song to me. And then we went to Café Manila for a wonderful birthday morning of song and cards and scones and candles. And then we went for a walk. And then we got home and I discovered I had lost my wallet. And then I headed back out walking twice as fast and covering even more ground by finally heading to the police station to report the loss. And when I got home, San Geraldo had been worried about me being hard on myself and told me he would make calls for me. So, I sat down and made a list of the cards in my wallet. And then I got back to this blog post and decided that, today, there’s no room for sarcasm.

San Geraldo is kind and generous, and loving, and playful, and patient. He shops. He cooks. He’s funny and fascinating. He laughs easily and laughs at himself even more easily. I am so grateful to have (so far) spent 33 of his birthdays with him.

Here’s the song San Geraldo sang to me this morning. I was going to share one of the more appropriately bawdy (and better) versions, but then I came across this saccharin-sweet and sappy clip from the “Lawrence Welk Show.” What could be more appropriate for the boy from South Dakota? A couple of the highlights of San Geraldo’s exciting and exotic childhood: He saw Lawrence Welk live (if Lawrence could ever have been described as “live”) at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota; and Myron Floren (the show’s accordion player) visited San Geraldo’s Sunday school. (Click here to learn more about all that.)

To paraphrase Lawrence Welk, “San Geraldo is wunnerful, wunnerful.”

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