The Simple Bottle Opener

A very popular item in the trinket shops along the beach here in Los Boliches is the bottle opener. Beach vacations. Ice cold beer.  Bottle openers are in demand.


There are a variety of bottle opener types. I didn’t get close enough to the tacky displays for careful inspection, but I saw what I needed to see to make a proper identification via Wikipedia. For example, I’ve learned that there’s the crown cork opener, the speed opener, the wall-mounted, the magnetic, the catch bottle opener, and the multi-opener.


One particular store here has a selection on display that would be classified as “simple openers” (although the descriptor “novelty” might have to be added).

Wikipedia describes the simple opener as “just a piece of metal with a rectangular or rounded opening in one end and a solid handle large enough to be gripped between the thumb and forefingers on the other [end].”

San Geraldo and I pass this store and its simple bottle openers every day. We never stop. Linda and Tom (Jerry’s sister and her husband) arrived Monday. They’ll be our neighbors for a month and we couldn’t be happier. But, leave it to Linda on her first day in town to stop and closely inspect the simple openers and their “solid handles large enough to be gripped between the thumb and forefingers…”



This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in Santa Barbara, California, which read:
“I have a very large penis.
I just don’t have it with me.”

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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