Bikers And Party Girls

As I’ve mentioned before, Sandpiper is one of our favorite restaurants in Fuengirola (right here in our neighborhood of Los Boliches). Normally, San Geraldo and I prefer more typically Spanish restaurants and fare. Sandpiper is that rare exception. The menu is very English, with quite a bit of Thai and even some American (excellent burgers) and Italian (the best lasagna) thrown in. We have never had a disappointing dish. Everything is fresh and delicious. The portions are huge and the prices are amazingly affordable (downright cheap). The owners, Jason and Ana, are English and Spanish, respectively. And the staff are from around the globe.


The restaurant has a wonderful mix of customers, including a loyal following, with multiple languages spoken. We go to Sandpiper regularly (more than once a week). And, whenever, we’re feeling down and need some loving, we’re back again. Jessica and Juan Carlos (click here for a reintroduction to “Juanca”) are out front in the evenings. They’re an exceptional team. No matter how tired, stressed, or depressed we might be when we arrive, we always leave contented, relaxed, well-fed, and feeling loved. The kitchen crew always make a point, when they’ve got a one-minute breather (it’s a very popular place), to pop out and say “hi.” But praising Sandpiper was not my intention when I started this post.

The Real Reason
Jason and three other members of the kitchen team, Darren, Lee, and Martyn) are planning an American (U.S. of A.) motorcycle tour — driving cross-country, east to west. They’ve been teasing Ana and Jessica that they’ll party their way across the country stopping in Las Vegas on the way.

Although the saintly Juan Carlos is not going and would never tease Jessica like that, she finally had enough. She told Ana that, while the guys were doing their cruising, she and Ana should go to Las Vegas and have a good old time themselves. And that, of course, got me thinking.

I told Jessica about the all-male revue, Thunder From Down Under. And then I went to work. The finished product is below. It took me a while. I first had to find a good promotional photo for Thunder From Down Under. Once I had photos of the Sandpiper team, I then had to match the guys’ heads to the Thunder From Down Under Bodies that matched their real bodies most exactly.

The Thunder From Down Under bodies are waxed and polished to plastic perfection. Jason and Company would never stoop to that level of vanity. Other than that, though, I’m confident the bodies are exact matches. So here now is Ana and Jessica’s revenge. (Click to see them in all their glory.)


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