Leave Me Alone I’m Lonely

San Geraldo and I, after all our years together, truly appreciate and respect one another’s need for time to ourselves.

Like us, our cats Moose and Dudo thrive on affection and interaction. Like us, they need solitary time.

Unlike us, the cats have no respect or appreciation for each other’s (or our) needs.

If Dudo sleeps when Moose wants to play, Moose wanders the house yowling until Dudo gets up. If Moose sleeps when Dudo wants to play, Dudo simply pounces on him.

When either Moose or Dudo wants us, we usually obey. Sometimes it’s a cuddle. Or a lap to sit on. Moose doesn’t like to nap alone in the afternoon and stalks San Geraldo until he complies. Moose also doesn’t like to eat without company (or perhaps it’s a guard on duty). One of us usually follows him into the kitchen when he commands (he can be very insistent).

I’ve been a bit “off” these last few days. Lost in my own head. Wanting to socialize but not wanting to socialize. Oddly, I’ve been lonely at the same time. I thought some undemanding cat companionship would be nice. No conversation needed.

This is what I got.


I’m glad San Geraldo understands.

It’s obvious Pink hired Dudo and Moose to write the lyrics for this song.
(Warning to My Mother The Dowager Duchess: Pink uses the F word a couple of times.)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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