More Than Just Milk And Cereal

I’m still dragging around a bit. Maybe it’s not allergies. I never can tell for certain.

Whatever it is, these last two mornings made me feel that some good old-fashioned home cooking was in order. Time for me to head into the kitchen to work my magic for a feel-better breakfast.

Fresh melon — I used “piel de sapa” (toad skin melon); it’s a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew
Yogurt — I used pear yogurt — because it’s what was in the fridge
Raisins — I used “pasas moscatel” (Muscatel raisins) — because that’s what we had
Special K — the breakfast cereal, not the hallucinogenic formally known as Ketamine… Although, if you use the hallucinogenic, you might actually believe this is a brilliant recipe.


Step 1:  Cut the melon into bite-sized chunks. Note: I used two knives, but you might be able to do this with only one.
Step 2:  Empty yogurt container into cereal bowl.
Step 3:  Add the previously prepared melon
Step 4:  Add raisins, to taste (I’ve always wanted to say “to taste”)
Step 5:  Add some Special K (around a cup; you’ll know when to stop… I’ve always wanted to say that, too.)


The reason I’m having doubts as to whether I’ve really been suffering an allergy attack or something more “bug-like” is because, although my cold symptoms have lessened, my stomach is now a bit “off.”

Then again, it could be my cooking.

Maybe, I should try milk and cereal (or cereal and milk)…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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