True Colors

Summer has returned to the Costa del Sol. Just in time for Easter. I won’t be surprised if winter rears its ugly head one more time. But, at its worst, winter here is really only mildly unattractive. Winter in New York? Now that was ugly.


I’m feeling great again (well, except for the hernia).

Our American passports expire soon, so after a brief phone conversation last week with the American Consular office, we went this morning to have new photos done and to submit the paperwork (and pay).

Everything went smoothly, although not necessarily pleasantly. I will say that, like bureaucrats everywhere, American bureaucrats are alive and well (and officious).

There was a large sparsely furnished waiting room separated from the work area by a high counter topped by an impenetrable glass partition. The first thing I noticed through the glass was a laser-printed sign standing atop a file cabinet in the background. It’s a quote I’ve seen often over the years. However, it’s a quote I would never expect to see in any consular office.

“Just when you think you’ve made it idiot-proof,
someone comes along and makes a better idiot.”

I was tempted to comment on the inappropriateness — and offensiveness — of the sign, but didn’t want to risk creating any kind of snag in our processing. At any rate, I didn’t know if San Geraldo had also noticed the sign. And, since, he was already having a difficult time distinguishing between his inner voice and his outer voice, I decided to let it pass. San Geraldo reigned it in. We smiled (insincerely) and said, “Thank you.”


So, we’re both feeling well, our passport renewals are in the works, I spent this afternoon at the beach, and it’s Holy Week, which means we’re going to enjoy a procession or two in Málaga. Some things at least do get better.

In the words of Cindi Lauper…

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