It Ain’t Necessarily So

My Mother The Dowager Duchess is recovering exceptionally well from her back surgery. Every test returns with perfect results. She spent most of the day out of bed and in a recliner. She even took the few steps to the recliner, walking for the first time in nearly three weeks. She’ll begin physical therapy no later than Monday.

The only problem right now is a case of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Psychosis. Really a combination of being in the ICU and receiving morphine-based pain meds. I’ve been assured that this is temporary and, even amid the moments of confusion, my mother still manages to smile most of the time and be, truly, “The Dowager Duchess.”

Early Friday Morning

Dowager Duchess (DD): I don’t belong here with these people.
Nurse: Why?
DD: They’re not my class of people. Just look at her! She’s not even wearing a top!
Nurse: But who are all these people you’re talking about? You’re in a private room.
DD: I’m in a private room?
Nurse: Of course.
DD: Well, if I’m in a private room, what are you doing here?!?

This afternoon, my mother had me move a chair in her room three times to “find the redhead.” Finally, she told me to recline the back of the chair so I could see the redhead.

I said, “But it’s not a recliner.”

“Well it was this morning!” she snapped.

It ain’t necessarily so…

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