Hung Like A Horse[radish], Tastes Like Custard

Although I’ve seen horseradish from the garden, I’ve never seen a truly healthy specimen. So this may come as no surprise to you but it was a (huge) surprise to me when I saw it at Ana’s produce market this morning. (Click the photos and see them grow.)


Our friends/neighbors Jean and Ray have houseguests for several days. We’ve gotten to know Jean and Ray’s son John and his wife Nicola, and now Nicola’s parents are visiting. Also charming and very easy to like. Especially since they arrived with chocolates from John and Nicola. The chocolates are from Hotel Chocolat, the only company in the UK to grow cocoa on its own plantation. They even have a hotel/spa set among the cocoa groves on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Talk about a chocoholic’s wet dream.


That’s all I have for you today. I hope you find it satisfying.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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    1. Susan:
      I haven’t had Ethel M chocolates in a long time and never had the dark chocolate lemon ones, which sound out of this world. I’m now craving!

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