Friday? No Good! / ¿Viernes? ¡No Es Bueno!

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THE KID BROTHER’S apartment has been without cable TV for more than 6 months. This is the tail end of some financial issues we’ve dealt with this year. I finally got things squared away. Cable TV is a luxury item that the residents have to pay out of their own money, and neither he nor his roommates have the funds for that anymore. So, we decided to pay for it. When I told The Kid Brother we were giving them cable, he said, “What’s it gonna cost me?” “Nothing,” I explained. “We’ll pay for the installation and we’ll pay every month.” You guys will have free cable. “Good,” he said., “That’s how it should be.”

When I told him Thursday that he would need to be in his apartment from 11 to 2 Friday for the installation, my grateful brother said, “Tomorrow? That’s no good for me! I got things to do. I gotta pick up my paycheck! Forget it!”

I knew there was no negotiating. He would simply not be there. So, I called his roommate Chris (who is much more reasonable than my brother). When I told Chris this was our gift to them, he said, “What sports channels are we getting?” I said, “I don’t remember exactly, but a lot.” Then he said, “What about music? I like my music.” I said, “I really don’t know, but you haven’t had anything for six months anyway.” “Yeah, yeah,” it’ll be OK.

I checked in this afternoon. First I talked to Chris. “Did it all go well today?” I asked. “Yeah, it’s all good,” he said, “But I don’t have my Western.” “Your Western what?” “I used to like to watch my Westerns but it’s not there. But it’s still all good.” “Do you have the sports channels you like?” I asked. “Yeah.” “Well, I knew that was the most important thing.” “Yeah.”

I then spoke with The Kid Brother. “So, I’ll see you Sunday at 10 a.m., Chuck. Have a great time watching the game tonight and have a good day tomorrow.” “Tomorrow? What am I doing tomorrow?!?” “I don’t know, but whatever it is, have a good time!” We had already talked about this. The plans I have would be too confusing for him and would end up ruining the day for us both. So, I told him I had business to take care of. He wasn’t pleased about that.

Sometimes I just need a day off!

But check out the custom-monogramed pens he gave me Thursday! “J” for Jerry and “M” for Mitchell. Sometimes, I just want to hug him — but he would say, “Now cut that out!”


EL APARTAMENTO DE de El Hermanito ha estado sin televisión por cable por más de 6 meses. Este es el final de algunos problemas financieros que hemos tratado este año. Finalmente conseguí arreglar las cosas. La televisión por cable es un artículo de lujo que los residentes tienen que pagar con su propio dinero, y ni él ni sus compañeros de cuarto tienen los fondos para eso. Entonces, decidimos pagar por ello. Cuando le dije a The Kid Brother que les estábamos dando cable, él dijo: “¿Cuánto me va a costar?” “Nada”, le expliqué. “Pagaremos la instalación y pagaremos todos los meses”. Ustedes tendrán cable gratis. “Bien”, dijo, “así es como debe ser”.

Cuando le dije el jueves que tendría que estar en su apartamento el viernes de las 11 a las 2 para la instalación, mi agradecido hermano dijo: “¿Mañana? ¡Eso no es bueno para mí! ¡Tengo cosas que hacer. Tengo que recoger mi cheque de pago! ¡Olvídalo!”

Sabía que no había negociación. Simplemente no estaría allí. Entonces, llamé a su compañero de cuarto Chris (que es mucho más razonable que mi hermano). Cuando le dije a Chris que este era nuestro regalo para ellos, dijo: “¿Qué canales deportivos estamos recibiendo?” Le dije: “No recuerdo exactamente, pero mucho”. Luego dijo: “¿Qué pasa con la música? Me gusta mi música”. Le dije: “Realmente no lo sé, pero de todos modos no has tenido nada en seis meses”. “Sí, sí”, estará bien.

Me registré esta tarde. Primero hablé con Chris. “¿Todo salió bien hoy?” yo pregunté. “Sí, todo está bien”, dijo, “pero no tengo mi Western”. “¿Tu Western qué?” “Me gustaba ver mis Westerns, pero no está allí. Pero todavía está todo bien”. “¿Tienes los canales deportivos que te gustan?” Yo pregunté. “Sí.” “Bueno, sabía que eso era lo más importante”. “Sí.”

Luego hablé con El Hermanito. “Entonces, te veré el domingo a las 10 a.m., Chuck. Diviértete viendo el partido esta noche y ten un buen día mañana”. “¿Mañana? ¿Qué haré mañana?” “No lo sé, pero sea lo que sea, ¡diviértete!” Ya habíamos hablado de esto. Los planes que tengo serían demasiado confusos para él y terminarían arruinando el día para los dos. Entonces, le dije que tenía asuntos que atender. No estaba contento con eso.

¡A veces solo necesito un día libre!

Pero mira los bolígrafos con monogramas personalizados que El Hermanito me regaló ayer! “J” para Jerry y “M” para Mitchell. A veces, solo quiero abrazarlo, pero él decía: “¡Para!”

New retail construction in the old neighbourhood. Our red-brick building in background at left.
Nueva construcción comercial en el antiguo barrio. Nuestro edificio de ladrillo rojo en el fondo a la izquierda.

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18 thoughts on “Friday? No Good! / ¿Viernes? ¡No Es Bueno!”

  1. You both are sweet to each other in your own ways 🙂 I am glad he has a decent roommate, that helps enormously.

    1. Cheapchick,
      Three guys share the apartment. I’ve never met the other roommate but have spoken to him on the phone and really like him. He and Chris have been in the apartment from the start, nearly 30 years! And they are a perfect match. I love Chris.

  2. yes, you need time to breathe. for your bro, cable is a little thing that means a lot to him. and you are a nice man to make it so.

    1. Anne Marie,
      I had been thinking of talking to Jerry about us paying for it when he independently suggested it to me. I’m surrounded by goodness. Chuck and Chris got to watch the Yankees Toronto game Friday night. Heaven!

  3. Toronto Dominion monogrammed pens! I can only imagine how excited Chuck was when getting these ready for you.
    A day off is necessary. Enjoy.

    1. Jim,
      Day off was wonderful. And something like those pens is enough to remind how kind and thoughtful chuck actually is. When it’s so often all about him, I can forgot what a good heart he has.

    1. Debra:
      It’s those little things that remind me, beneath it all he’s a very kind and thoughtful person.

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