That Face / Esa Cara

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I CAN’T BELIEVE that, today, San Geraldo and I celebrate 38 years together. We hosted a huge party for our 1st anniversary. At that time, one year seemed like forever. Ditto the 10th anniversary. But 38 years? Last night, we had a quiet and love-filled dinner with our pal Luke; his great-aunt Flan; and his parents, Kathleen (still pregnant) and Pedro. How lucky can you get?

I can still simply look in San Geraldo’s direction and I’m overwhelmed with love. Whether he’s wearing a dish towel to escape the flies and mosquitoes, feeling the kick of Kathleen’s baby belly for the first time, fanning himself, being photo-bombed, laughing with family and friends, or just sitting there… as the song says: “What view completes my universe, transcending time and space? That face. That face. That face.” And the tongue part of the face!


NO PUEDO CREER que hoy San Geraldo y yo celebremos 38 años juntos. Organizamos una gran fiesta para nuestro primer aniversario. En ese momento, un año parecía una eternidad. Lo mismo para el décimo aniversario. ¿Pero 38 años? Anoche, tuvimos una cena tranquila y llena de amor con nuestro amiguito Luke; su tía abuela Flan; y sus padres, Kathleen (aún embarazada) y Pedro. ¿Qué tan afortunado puedes ser?

Todavía puedo mirar en dirección a San Geraldo y estoy abrumado por el amor. Ya sea que esté usando un paño de cocina para escapar de las moscas y los mosquitos, sintiendo la patada del vientre del bebé de Kathleen por primera vez, abanicándose, siendo bombardeado, riéndose con familia y amigos, o simplemente sentado allí … como dice la canción: “¿Qué vista completa mi universo, trascendiendo el tiempo y el espacio? Esa cara. Esa cara. Esa cara.” Y la “parte lengua” de la cara.

May 1982. After nine months.
Mayo 1982. Después de nueve meses.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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47 thoughts on “That Face / Esa Cara”

      1. Deedles:
        Say, maybe THAT’S what my mother meant. ANY mother would love my face!

  1. Awwww, happy anniversary guys! As I’ve said before, you both have seasoned well. Ours, was on the second. August, a very august month.

  2. oh the things that tongue has done…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LOVEBIRDS! and kathleen is still waiting…poor girl, she must be SO uncomfortable!

    1. Natalie:
      Muchas thanks! I love to see all that you’ve been doing… and wish we could take in all those kitties!

    1. Adam:
      You’re so right, But then time goes faster the older you get… so I’ve been told.

    1. Urspo:
      I smile a lot… except for a few years in my late 20s especially. My father always said it was gas. It might have been, but since “San Geraldo” it’s been happiness and gratitude.

  3. Ain’t love grand? Especially thirty-eight years in. Happy happy belated anniversary and cheers to many more!


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