Flash, bam, alakazam

La version en espanol esta despues de la version en ingles.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I decided to do a post today (I usually skip Thursdays) because I wanted to show you what our day looks like. It’s another muddy rain thanks to the sands of the Sahara Desert. The top photo is what it looked like for our walk at 10:30 this morning. It’s gotten significantly worse.

Isabel was here, so we went for coffee at Hotel Ilunion. I kept my mask on for the walk over because I didn’t want to inhale the wet Saharan sands. You can see from the photos how orange our world is once again. The winds were powerful while we were at Ilunion. They’ve calmed significantly since then, so people are out for walks — many maskless.

Before our steady and heavy rain overnight, we had enough rain in one week to satisfy our needs for four months — and that doesn’t include all the snow in the mountains. That’s good news for us, despite the mud. Except that San Geraldo had the car washed the other day.

Click the thumbnails to see the Saharan sand.


EL NARANJA ES EL NUEVO negro. Decidí hacer una publicación hoy (normalmente me salteo los jueves) porque quería mostrarles cómo es nuestro día. Es otra lluvia fangosa gracias a las arenas del desierto del Sahara. La foto superior es lo que parecía para nuestro paseo a las 10:30 de esta mañana. Ha empeorado significativamente.

Isabel estaba aquí, así que nos fuimos a tomar un café al Hotel Ilunion. Mantuve mi máscarilla puesta para caminar porque no quería inhalar las arenas húmedas del Sahara.. Puedes ver en las fotos cuán naranja es nuestro mundo una vez más. Los vientos eran poderosos mientras estábamos en Ilunion. Se han calmado significativamente desde entonces, por lo que la gente sale a caminar — muchas sin máscarillas.

Antes de nuestra lluvia constante y fuerte durante la noche, tuvimos suficiente lluvia en una semana para satisfacer nuestras necesidades durante cuatro meses, y eso no incluye toda la nieve en las montañas. Esas son buenas noticias para nosotros, a pesar del barro. Excepto que San Geraldo hizo lavar el auto el otro día.

Haz clic en las miniaturas para ver la arena del Sahara.

• From inside the hotel at 11:30, I watched people getting blown (and not happily).
• Desde el interior del hotel a las 11:30, vi a la gente siendo mamada (y no felizmente).
• From the terrace at 3:30 this afternoon.
• Desde la terraza a las 15:30.
• From the living room.
• Desde la sala de estar.
• And from my office.
• Y desde mi oficina.
• The butt brothers. This is what the cats think of Isabel’s activity level and the strange weather.
• Los hermanos traseros. Esto es lo que piensan los gatos sobre el nivel de actividad de Isabel y el y el clima extraño.


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30 thoughts on “Flash, bam, alakazam”

    1. Debra:
      I’m glad the Saharan sands haven’t reached you. It rained orange all night and it’s a complete mess outside this morning. SG walked to the market last night, 4 minutes there, 4 minutes back. He was covered in mud droplets when he got home and so was the grocery bag.

  1. Fascinating (trying to keep the Spock eyebrow from appearing) and kind of depressing. The Butt Bros. make up for it, though. We have sunny, in the eighties days all week. I’ve turned on the a/c twice this week. I’ve got a buttload (theme?) of geraniums to plant because BH went crazy at Lowe’s! Purty though.

    1. Deedles:
      I’m looking forward to the return of the sun, although it may not be back before I leave for New York in a week. Speaking of which, I’d better get my butt (back on theme) in gear.

  2. As cool as that looks…i couldn’t stand all that clean up that goes on afterwards. If your out in that does it get in your hair????

    Are your sure your not on Mars?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      We’re fortunate all we have to clean after the fact is the glass curtain (and railing and ledge) and the car. Patios, terraces, and gardens are a disaster — and the entire city. And, “does it get in your hair?” Smart ass. It doesn’t get in mine because I’m usually fully dressed. SG, however, DOES have a lot of hair on his head and, yes, he was out for less than 10 minutes last night and he was muddy.

    1. Wilma:
      I was worried the dust CARRIED airborne viruses. I like your version better.

  3. Wow, we sure did choose the right days to come and go to Spain. We arrived with the Saharan sands and we left before they came again. We arrived back to 20 degrees and sun and blue skies. Thing is everyone here washed their car last week, we didn’t and ours is still covered in last weeks Saharan sand.

    1. Karen:
      Your brought sunshine with you and you took it away again! It’s heavily overcast and supposed to rain all day. I don’t know if the Saharan sands are gone.

    1. Bob:
      That tends to be the boys every Thursday. Very traumatic. On other days, I give them their treats first thing in the morning. They have to wait until around noon for Isabel. She doesn’t give them treats until she’s finished vacuuming inside. The vacuum cleaner is the other trauma.

  4. Sheesh! You’d need to love orange at the moment… Jx

    PS WordPress seems to be playing “silly buggers” with its comments form again – I had to go to the WP home page, log in there, and then click back through to here in order to comment using my account. I thought Blogger was a pain in the proverbial!

  5. I LOVE the butt brothers! Dudo and Moose look like an old married couple after a big fight: both awake and not talking to each other, LOL!

    It’s so cold and windy here today, it could freeze the nuts off a steel bridge! I don’t think I could deal with orange sandstorms too… I’m surprised your patio windows haven’t been sandblasted to a frosty sheen!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      “Freeze the nuts off a steel bridge” … I’ll have to remember that. I’ve been surprised, too, that the glass curtain hasn’t been sandblasted. I guess it’s designed to withstand this.

    1. Judy C:
      Absolutely. I didn’t even go out once we returned home from coffee. I might stay in today, too. But, if I do go out, I won’t remove the mask.

  6. That’s a lot of orange! We haven’t had rain in about a week now, so things are less orange than they were. In fact, I thought the whole episode was over. Maybe we’re just too far away and the wind has changed.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      This episode was supposed to be less severe than last week’s. It was the reverse. I hope it’s over. But it’s still raining and so overcast (and everything is tinted with orange mud) that it’s impossible to tell.

  7. Interesting weather round there, as long is it does not start raining toads, The cats have the right idea

    1. David:
      Toads could be easier to clean up than mud. But I think the muddy rain has passed. Now it’s just rain and the sky is brighter. Yes, the cats are right back in those same spots.

  8. I read your most recent post, so now I know the reason for the mud. Is it a result of climate change or something that’s always occurred?


    1. janiejunebug:
      It’s not uncommon to have sands blow in from the Sahara but in our time here we’ve never had it accompanied by rain. Bizarre. And a mess.

  9. There’s a joke about loving to watch people get blown, but I refuse to go there. I do like that hotel sitting area and view, though.

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