What They Say About Big Feet / Lo Que Dicen Sobre Los Pies Grandes

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SAN GERALDO HAS big feet. Size 14 or 15 American, 48.5 or 49 in Spain. He’s always been difficult to fit — into shoes! In addition to his foot size, his arches are further back (or is it further forward?) than normal.

When we shoe-shopped in the past, he could usually find his size at Nordstrom’s, a high-end department store in the United States. But, a nice-looking shoe on display often looked like a clown shoe when it was unveiled in size 14. And because of the placement of the arches, he had to buy custom inserts for his shoes. Even then, he rarely had a pair of shoes he found comfortable for long.

Shoe shopping now is even more difficult. San Geraldo’s feet have gotten wider and he’s developed a variety of foot pains. So, he was very excited while recently browsing online that shoes for diabetics have extra cushion exactly where his feet usually hurt the most — and the company had his size. He doesn’t have “diabetic feet,” but he does appreciate an extra cushion. He ordered a surprisingly nice-looking pair, which arrived today.

San Geraldo mentioned one morning to our friend Tynan that he had ordered “diabetic shoes” and Tynan asked, “Oh, are they sugar-free?”


IN JUNE 2000, THE DAY before our nephew Ryan married Emily we went out for breakfast with our family. We were all crammed around a too-small booth when someone stepped on San Geraldo’s foot. He apologized for his big feet always being in the way.

Ryan said, “You know what they say about big feet…” and at the exact moment that San Geraldo said, “Not true!” Ryan and his brother Matt chorused the actual punchline.

“¡Big shoes!”

San Geraldo’s punchline got the bigger laugh.

By the way, despite San Geraldo’s response, I have no complaints — nor, I’m certain, has anyone else in his checkered past.


SAN GERALDO TIENE pies grandes. Talla 14 o 15 estadounidenses, 48,5 o 49 en España. Siempre ha sido difícil de poner, ¡en los zapatos! Además del tamaño de su pie, sus arcos están más atrás (¿o más adelante?) de lo normal.

Cuando compramos zapatos en el pasado, generalmente podía encontrar su talla en Nordstrom’s, una tienda departamental de alta gama en los Estados Unidos. Pero, un zapato de buen aspecto en exhibición a menudo se parecía a un zapato de payaso cuando se presentó en la talla 14. Y debido a la colocación de los arcos, tuvo que comprar plantillas personalizadas para sus zapatos. Incluso entonces, rara vez tenía un par de zapatos que encontraba cómodos por mucho tiempo.

Comprar zapatos ahora es aún más difícil. Los pies de San Geraldo se han ensanchado y ha desarrollado una variedad de dolores en los pies. Entonces, estaba muy emocionado mientras recientemente navegaba en línea porque los zapatos para diabéticos tienen un cojín adicional exactamente donde sus pies generalmente duelen más, y la compañía tenía su talla. No tiene “pies diabéticos”, pero aprecia un cojín extra. Ordenó una pareja sorprendentemente bonita, que llegó hoy.

San Geraldo mencionó una mañana a nuestro amigo Tynan que había pedido “zapatos para diabéticos” y Tynan preguntó: “Oh, ¿están sin azúcar?”


EN JUNIO DE 2000, EL día antes de que nuestro sobrino Ryan se casara con Emily, salimos a desayunar con nuestra familia. Todos estábamos abarrotados alrededor de una mesa demasiado pequeño cuando alguien pisó el pie de San Geraldo. Se disculpó porque sus grandes pies siempre estaban en el camino.

Ryan dijo: “Sabes lo que dicen sobre los pies grandes …” y en el momento exacto en que San Geraldo dijo: “¡No es cierto!” Ryan y su hermano Matt corearon el final de la broma.

“¡Zapatos grandes!”

El final de San Geraldo provocó la risa más grande.

Por cierto, a pesar de la respuesta de San Geraldo, no tengo quejas ni estoy seguro de que haya alguien más en su pasado a cuadros.

Sometimes, we DO find his size in a shoe store.
A veces, encontramos su tamaño en una zapatería.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

20 thoughts on “What They Say About Big Feet / Lo Que Dicen Sobre Los Pies Grandes”

  1. Natural swimmers of the world, unite! Speaking as a size 11 myself, shoe shopping sucks! Most of the department stores go up to a size 10 and then figure no woman has a bigger foot than that, I guess. I discovered online shopping and a shoe fetish all at the same time! If it is in my size, comfortable and a color other than black, white or brown, I want it! Honestly, how many pairs of pretty, purple pumps (well, ballet slippers. That’s just not alliterative) do I need? Apparently three pairs of different shades, not to mention reds and blues. This has developed into a purse obsession to go with the shoes. It’s probably depression. Too bad I don’t notice the depressive episodes until they’re over and I need to find a new place to put shoes and purses. Well, at least I go for cheap shoes and purses. Not a croc in sight (yet). Maddie would be so proud!

    1. Deedles:
      Jerry’s mother wore size 11, too. She drove 45 minutes to a small town in Minnesota that carried her size. The owner of the shop called them five-and-a-halfs. She never owned Crocs.

  2. Never thought of buying diabetic shoes for more comfort. learn something new here every day! Thanks you two!

  3. In the past shoes were sold by width and lenght size now I find shoes to narrow and half sizes are not common. The reason is that a lot of shoes are made in China. This is why I liked buying shoes in Italy because they are made there.

    1. larrymuffin:
      Oh, I used to love Italian shoes. I had Ferragamos in the ’70s… when I couldn’t afford them. I’ve found some great Spanish brands since moving here.

    1. anne marie:
      I tend to be easy to fit when i’m shopping. Size 11 (46) aren’t difficult to find even here in Southern Spain. Clothes fit me off the rack. I never appreciated how frustrating an experience it can be.

    1. Bob:
      I’m 11, too, but not too wide… more standard in width, I’d say. I suppose the best fit for you are slip-ons from Magnum [Shoes].

    1. David:
      Once you hit 12 here, it’s not so easy to find your size. I’m 11. What’s been frustrating is Jerry can’t even find shoes in NY anymore. I sure hope he’s found the solution. I used to buy for style first, then comfort. It’s the reverse now.

    1. Adam:
      Could you imagine the money they’d make. But you’d have to like yellow. I suppose there’s always Sweet’N Low Shoes.

  4. I wear 10, which is easy to find. My problem is width. Two narrow and feet hurt. Too wide, and I feel like I’m wearing flip-flops.

    1. Kirk:
      I used to buy whatever I liked, usually good quality shoes, but it really didn’t matter. It was all about style. It was easy to find my size and I wore standard width. Then I passed … maybe it was 57, I’m not quite sure… but, now they have to be really good quality with good cushion and support AND I always add my own inserts. The days of Capezio ballet shoes and water buffalo sandals from India are over. But maybe that’s a good thing.

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