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I’VE GOT MORE to share from my trip to New York, and I haven’t even finished sharing stories and pictures from Norway, the trip that preceded it. But I thought I’d take a temporary trip today back to reality.

Since my return to the Costa del Sol, I’ve survived jet lag; walking into a door and nearly breaking my nose; awful sciatica, which in addition to the jet lag has given me several sleepless nights; and two very needy cats. The cats have settled down to their normal demands — which could drive a person crazy, but we love them. The jet lag is behind me. Wednesday, the sciatica had receded to a mere whimper (but lately it’s more of a whine, which is still better than a loud moan); and the extra bump on the bridge of my nose is barely noticeable.

So, I’m back to getting things done. Now that my eyes have recovered from the recent years’ torn retina, detached retina, and two cataract surgeries, I went to the optometrist and ordered new reading glasses.

I spoke with The Kid Brother a couple of days ago. The apple butter (click here) is gone. He enjoyed it solo on rice cakes. So, unusual spreads (but not TOO unusual) will be something I’ll take to him from Spain next year. Tomato marmalade is delicious, but I’m sure he’d pass.

My pal Luke and his little brother, Beckett, are adorable. And so are the cats.


TENGO MÁS PARA compartir de mi viaje a Nueva York, y ni siquiera he terminado de compartir historias y fotos de Noruega, el viaje que lo precedió. Pero pensé que hoy haría un viaje temporal de regreso a la realidad.

Desde mi regreso a la Costa del Sol, he sobrevivido al desfase horario; caminando hacia la puerta y casi rompiéndome la nariz; horrible ciática, que además del jet lag me ha dado varias noches sin dormir; y dos gatos muy necesitados. Los gatos se han acostumbrado a sus demandas normales, lo que podría volver loca a una persona, pero los amamos. El jet lag ha pasado. El miércoles, la ciática había retrocedido a un simple gemido (pero últimamente es más un fuerte gemido, que aún es mejor que un gran dolor); y la protuberancia adicional en el puente de mi nariz apenas se nota.

Entonces, he vuelto a hacer las cosas. Ahora que mis ojos se han recuperado de la retina desgarrada de los últimos años, la retina desprendida y dos cirugías de cataratas, fui al optometrista y pedí gafas nuevas para leer.

Hablé con El Hermanito hace un par de días. Está muy feliz porque su temporada de bolos ha comenzado. La mantequilla de manzana (haz clic aquí) se ha ido. Lo disfrutó en pasteles de arroz. Entonces, las mantequillas y mermeladas inusuales (pero no DEMASIADO inusual) serán algo que le llevaré de España el año que viene. La mermelada de tomate es deliciosa, pero estoy seguro de que pasaría.

Mi amiguito Luke y su hermanito, Beckett, son adorables. Y también los gatos.

Man, did that thing hurt the bridge of my nose!
Hombre, ¡esa cosa duele el puente de mi nariz!
So many choices.
¡Tantas opciones!
I settled on these (no, I didn’t). I need to get over my resistance to the color. Real men wear pink!
Me decidí por estos (no, no lo hice). Necesito superar mi resistencia al color. ¡Un verdadero hombre viste de rosa!
At least I noticed something was wrong. OK, it was two hours later, but I DID notice (and I did’t leave the house). I couldn’t figure out why I was walking funny. (But two hours!)
Al menos me di cuenta de que algo andaba mal. OK, fueron dos horas después, pero lo noté (y no salí de la casa). No podía entender por qué caminaba de manera extraña. (¡Pero dos horas!)
Everybody’s a critic! (Moose)
¡Todos son críticos! (Moose)
Luke, in a T-shirt I bought him in Times Square.. (I added the torch.)
Luke, con una camiseta lo compré en Times Square … (agregué la antorcha).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “Back to Reality / Volver a la Realidad”

  1. Hey Mitch, you should have zipped over here to Oz to see my ophthalmologist. The man is a wizard. So far I’ve only had one of my cataracts done – second will be in a couple of weeks, but he did something magical to my cornea, so that after YEARS of wearing glasses, I can already read without the wretched things!
    Sorry, I might be showing off a bit here…

    And yes, Luke and Beckett are just so adorable!

    1. Rozzie:
      So glad you’ve got an ophthalmologist you love. I do, too. And our nephew is one. Wish I had that many possible choices for everything else! I started wearing glasses in my late 30s, when my arms got too short for reading; that graduated to all the time. So, it’s wonderful to only need glasses now for reading (although I’m back to constantly putting them on and taking them off, which can be annoying).

  2. Mitchell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beginning of the end??? Ived done to different black shoes, but not two so get apart!!!!!

    Oh well. At least they weren’t Crocs. Otherwise…………….

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Well, a couple of years ago, I wore a black loafer and a black Timberlake “duck” and didn’t notice until I was walking home from dinner three hours later. They were both slip-ons, at least. This was pathetic! No risk of Crocs, since I don’t have any.

  3. I hope you went with the sparkly glasses. They are so YOU! Luke looks so cute in his new t-shirt. And that baby — cuteness overload!

    1. Debra:
      Luke continues to be a wonder and the baby is angelic (not so much for his parents, but in my opinion). I’ll share photos of the new glasses soon.

    1. Bob:
      Moose really did sniff both shoes, which is odd for him. And he usually doesn’t notice ANYTHING. I heard him a few minutes later whispering to Dudo, “You would not BELIEVE what he’s done now!”

  4. Decisions decisions!! Whatever you choose will be perfect!
    Good to hear the kitties are back in full control of things.
    Looking forward already to the kid brother’s reaction to new Spanish spreads!! lol You are brave!

    1. Jim:
      Because of my hip, I won’t let Dudo lie on my lap when I’m in bed. He tries and tries and then stromps out of the room in a huff.

    1. Adam:
      I bought that T-shirt after I realized I had no room in my suitcase for anything more for the kids.

    1. Kirk:
      Those things are heavy, but they caused some real pain this time. She put a clip on top so I could hold them by the clip while she tested.

  5. The shoe thing is just a sign you’re over 50. I caught hubby out in the yard wearing my shoes…we have similar size feet and both wear sketchers. He apparently didn’t look too hard. As for colored glass frames you should! Even if just for reading glasses.

    1. Cheapchick:
      Over FIFTY? You’re very kind. Is that like those application forms that have all those age options like, 20-39, 30-39, 40-49, 50 AND OVER?!?

    1. Willym:
      Yep, a short time later, I reread this post and realized I needed to change load to loud. Or did I?

  6. Ah, reality. Funky glasses and mismatched shoes. I love you, Scoot. You make me feel normal. I walked out of the house once wearing a pump and a flip flop. I was halfway to my destination before I figured it out.
    Go with the blue glasses. Only Randy Rainbow can pull of the pink ones with any kind of style.
    The kids are totally adorable, naturally.

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, pump and flip flop would have a similar feeling. Sometimes I surprise even myself. But I’m so glad I make you feel normal. The only reason Randy Rainbow can pull off those pink glasses is because he wears lipstick for balance. I actually found a really, truly cool pair of blue-framed glasses that even looked good on me. The optometrist really wanted me to get them. I don’t know why but I decided to go with fine wire… Oh, wait, I remember. They are flexible, bendable, and really difficult to break! But I DID get a new pair of sunglasses — blue and reflective and wraparound. Pix to come.

      1. In my defense, Scoot, it was a flat pump and the flip flop was actually one of those plasticky rubber slip on shoes that doesn’t go between the toes. I got distracted in mid shoe change, went to pee and left the house. See? Logical! It doesn’t explain me going into work with my pants on inside out and backwards. I believe creative brains just have no room for mundane things. Looking forward to seeing the new specs. Balder Half still gets a little miffed when I don’t notice that he has new glasses. He gets the almost the same frames every time! Coke bottle deluxe. I do notice the wrap around ones because, ninja turtle.
        So lipstick is what makes Mr. Rainbow’s pink glasses so sexy, huh? You live you learn.

  7. I DO hope you got the blue glasses. and yes, real men DO wear pink! luke is getting taller and his wee bro becks is darling. and the cats; moose & dudo must have missed you.

    1. anne marie:
      I DO have new glasses photos to share. Toned down reading glasses but flashy sunglasses. The cats have finally settled into their usual routines. They didn’t let Jerry out of their sight while I was gone. FaceTiming was fun. I would say “Hi Moose” and he’d run out of the room looking for me. I’d say “hi Dudo” and his eyes would go huge and stare at the screen.

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