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THE TEMPERATURE IS SUPPOSED TO rise to the low 30s C (low 90s F) today — higher than usual for this time of year — so I went out for my walk somewhat early to avoid the heat of the day. I forgot my camera and used my mobile to record what I saw. I can’t believe I forgot my camera; it’s like another appendage.

When I was about halfway through my walk, Tynan texted to see if I was free for coffee, so I turned back and met him at Mesón Salvador. On my way there, I saw that a stage had been set up on nearby Plaza Pedro Cuevas with a banner for the exercise club FitFlamC. We saw them before two years ago when summer exercise demonstrations were done on the Paseo directly opposite our building (click here). The new plaza is ideal for this and provides so much more room for people to participate and watch. After my iced coffee and an enriching time with Tynan, I stopped by the plaza to watch for a while. What energy!

While I was on my walk, I noticed an awful lot of hunks arriving at the beach. I was inspired. I plan to workout in the air-conditioned living room this afternoon! My office has space for workouts but there’s no air conditioning. San Geraldo’s office has air conditioning, but no workouts. He’s usually got so much stuff (I was going to say crap) on the floor that it’s amazing he can even walk in there.


SE SUPONE QUE LA TEMPERATURA subirá hoy a los 30˚C/90˚F, más alta de lo habitual para esta época del año, por lo que salí a caminar un poco temprano para evitar el calor del día. Olvidé mi cámara y usé mi móvil para grabar lo que vi. No puedo creer que me olvidé de mi cámara; es como otro apéndice.

Cuando estaba a la mitad de mi caminata, Tynan me envió un mensaje de texto para ver si estaba libre para tomar un café, así que me di la vuelta y lo conocí en Mesón Salvador. De camino allí, vi que se había montado un escenario en la cercana Plaza Pedro Cuevas con una pancarta para el gimnasio FitFlamC. Los vimos antes hace dos años cuando se realizaron demostraciones de ejercicios de verano en el Paseo directamente enfrente de nuestro edificio (haz clic aquí). La nueva plaza es ideal para esto y ofrece mucho más espacio para que la gente participe y mire. Después de mi café helado y un tiempo enriquecedor con Tynan, me detuve en la plaza para mirar un rato. ¡Qué energía!

Mientras caminaba, noté que muchos tíos llegaban a la playa. Estaba inspirado. Planeo hacer ejercicio esta tarde en el salón con aire acondicionado. Mi oficina tiene espacio para hacer ejercicio, pero no hay aire acondicionado. La oficina de San Geraldo tiene aire acondicionado, pero no hace ejercicio. Por lo general, tiene tantas cosas (iba a decir mierda) en el suelo que es increíble que incluso pueda caminar allí.

• In the center of town on my return from the consulate Tuesday.

• En el centro de la ciudad a mi regreso del consulado el martes.

• Yesterday on the beach. Not a cloud in the sky today, but an offshore marine layer.
• Ayer en la playa. Hoy no es una nube en el cielo, sino una capa marina en alta mar.
• On my way to meet Tynan. This hunk had replaced a previous hunk who was there when I first headed out.
• De camino a encontrarme con Tynan. Este tío había reemplazado a un tío anterior que estaba allí cuando salí por primera vez.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Fitness + Flamenco”

  1. Man, that flamenco fitness class looks like fun. Spanish version of a country line dance. Though have to admit, like you, prefer exercise to take place in a/c, or if outside, when temps were below 70 (21c)…with a nice breeze. Otherwise, I would suffer heat exhaustion.

    1. Mary:
      It was still pleasant when the demo class was on, but not as pleasant as you or I would like it. Still, a lot of fun to watch.

  2. That fitness class looks very inviting……..
    Well, that lady does match the ‘pavement’ tiles, I’ll give her that! But I couldn’t focus at all!

    1. Jim:
      I can usually identify the Spanish fashion as opposed to the Finnish and British fashion. She was definitely Spanish. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss the others! The fitness class looks like a blast and they have quite a following.

  3. Man, if I was that young again I’d be in that group swerving my touch around indeed!

    1. Ron:
      There were women older than us particpating in their official Flamenco + Fitness outfits. But I wouldn’t do it in that heat… and I have no clue how my sciatica would take it.

    1. Bob:
      “I see hunks. They don’t know they’re hunks.” Isn’t that from a movie? Anyway, SOME of them don’t even know their hunks. Others strut it for all their worth.

  4. We had very high heat this week, but now back into the low 80’s for a few days. Great to make for a nice cook out for the fourth.

    And we will need more pictures of hunks!!! We like seeing pecs! Your pictures are fun today!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I’ll try to grab some pecs (I mean pictures of pecs) for your regular viewing pleasure. We’re again in the mid 90s today. Unusual for us. Hope you’re having a great celebration weekend.

  5. That’s you, right?, up on the stage? I need a video of that to dance to! How energizing! In my head, anyway. The reality would be somewhat different, but still fun.

    1. Wilma:
      What’s odd is I thought, Well I look much more fit looking than him! Then I wondered if I could keep up. Looks aren’t everything. I used to hate the dance-infused exercise classes in the ’80s. It was all about how well you danced and how cool you looked. This one looks very different to me. It’s all about how much you move and how much fun you have.

    1. Debra:
      It wasn’t super hot yet. Still early in the day. But I think you’re very wise to avoid the heat. And if it’s too cool, you could get a chill and cramps in your muscles. Better to watch the video.

  6. I basically have conditioned myself not to ogle, or even notice, men in non-gay settings, not matter how attractive, but that hunk would have sorely tested that conditioning. But thanks to you I can ogle a computer screen.

    1. Kirk:
      I don’t mind ogling in Spain because many Spanish men don’t mind being ogled (not to say that’s the case everywhere). SG will often ask,  “Do you think he’s gay?” And I’ll reply, “No, I just think he’s Spanish.” Culturally, there tends to be a different level of comfort with sexuality and physicallity.” Very refreshing. And you should have seen the hunk who was working out before that guy. Wow!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      We have a birding scope and three pairs of binoculars. And they all sit on the top shelf of the closet in my office!

  7. I love the Flamenco video! That looks like a lot of fun!I love their leggings with the ruffles around them — a good way to give modern exercise wear that Flamenco touch.

    1. Urspo:
      That’s great! I’ve been told by friends that my Spanish blog posts have been very good. So, they might even help!

  8. The exercise group looks like fun. Hunks don’t inspire me to exercise, though. They only make me drool.


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