Get your motor runnin’ / Pon el motor en marcha

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I FINALLY GOT BEHIND THE wheel of the car today and headed out on the highway. I drove the 15 minutes or so to the orthodontist’s office and felt like I was born to be wild. San Geraldo has always been kind and uncomplaining when he’s had to chauffeur me around, but I’ve always felt badly. It was so freeing to be able to do it myself. I still don’t have anything in writing from the stupid Department of Traffic. But they said I’m “apt” (click here), and I’m taking them at their [unreliable] word. This morning was fairly clear and then suddenly thick fog rolled in. It’s gone now, but these constant changes are doing numbers on our heads.

We bought an antique brass pole lamp in the ’80s. We brought it with us to Spain but converted it to a candle holder (since it needed to be rewired to work here). It got damaged in the move from California. We recently decided we could use the lamp and it was going to waste on the terrace. Besides, our former housekeeper — not Isabel — used to slosh water everywhere when she washed floors and the lamp base was rusted. So, our friend and restoration expert Marisa (remember the antique pub table and the old corbel) came by with her husband, our friend and contractor Santi, to pick up the lamp. It will be a few weeks, but we can’t wait to see what magic Marisa performs. Besides, any excuse to see the two of them is worth it. They remind us that there are truly exceptional people in the world.

Yesterday, San Geraldo went grocery shopping and asked if I needed chocolate. “Yes,” I said, “just one of those small dark chocolate Lindt bars.” He returned with four (two for him and two for me) and an entire box of dark chocolate truffles. He’s such a bad influence. And I love him for that.

PS: He just got up from a siesta and asked if I wanted a slice of chocolate chip banana bread. Guess how I responded.


POR FIN ME PUSE DETRÁS del volante del coche hoy y salí a la autopista. Conduje los 15 minutos aproximadamente hasta la oficina del orttodoncista y sentí que había nacido para ser salvaje. Libertad. San Geraldo siempre ha sido amable y no se ha quejado cuando tuvo que llevarme con chofer, pero siempre me he sentido mal. Fue tan liberador poder hacerlo yo mismo. Todavía no tengo nada por escrito del estúpido Departamento de Tráfico. Pero dijeron que soy “apto” (haz clic aquí), y les estoy tomando la palabra [poco confiable]. Esta mañana fue bastante despejada y de repente apareció una espesa niebla. Ya se ha ido, pero estos cambios constantes nos hacen doler la cabeza.

Compramos una lámpara de pie antigua de latón en los años 80. Lo trajimos con nosotros a España, pero lo convertimos en un candelabro (ya que tenía que volver a cablearlo para que funcionara aquí). Se dañó en el traslado desde California. Recientemente decidimos que podíamos usar la lámpara y se desperdiciaría en la terraza. Además, nuestra antigua ama de llaves, no Isabel, solía derramar agua por todas partes cuando lavaba los pisos y la base de la lámpara estaba oxidada. Entonces, nuestra amiga y experta en restauración Marisa (recuerde la mesa del pub antiguo y la vieja ménsula) vino con su esposo, nuestro amigo y contratista Santi, a recoger la lámpara. Serán algunas semanas, pero estamos ansiosos por ver qué magia realiza Marisa. Además, cualquier excusa para verlos a los dos vale la pena. Nos recuerdan que hay personas verdaderamente excepcionales en el mundo.

Ayer, San Geraldo fue a hacer la compra y me preguntó si necesitaba chocolate. “Sí”, dije, “sólo una de esas pequeñas barras Lindt de chocolate negro”. Regresó con cuatro (dos para él y dos para mí) y una caja entera de trufas de chocolate negro. Es una mala influencia. Y lo amo por eso.

PD: Se acaba de levantar de una siesta y me preguntó si quería una rebanada de pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate. Adivina cómo respondí.

• Where I parked (underground).
• Donde estacioné (subterráneo).
• Waiting outside the orthodontist’s office.
• Esperando fuera de la oficina del ortodoncista.
• The finial was broken in the move. I put it someplace “safe,” so I can’t now find it. But it wasn’t original and I didn’t think it went well with the lamp, so Marisa will come up with something better.
• El remate se rompió en el movimiento. Lo puse en un lugar “seguro”, así que ahora no puedo encontrarlo. Pero no era original y no creía que fuera bien con la lámpara, así que a Marisa se le ocurrirá algo mejor.
• I’m so happy. They DO have a watermelon beach towel! I wish they all had them.
• Estoy tan feliz. ¡Tienen una toalla de playa de sandía! Desearía que todas las tuvieran.
• Sunday‘s New York Times crossword. I suppose it was in honor of PRIDE, but the traditional PRIDE flag doesn’t include indigo.
• Crucigrama del New York Times del domingo. Supongo que fue en honor a ORGULLO, pero la bandera tradicional ORGULLO no incluye índigo.
• A random fly won out over the catnip cube this morning. No contest.
• Una mosca al azar ganó sobre el cubo de hierba gatera. No contestar.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Get your motor runnin’ / Pon el motor en marcha”

  1. All kinds of fun in today’s post! I’m glad that you showed “before” photos of the copper light. I’m looking forward to seeing the renovation.

  2. Dudo does look a little wired there! LOL Catnip strikes again!
    Behind the wheel again. Must feel good.
    Great old lamp……back when an effort was put into making/designing things.

    1. Jim:
      That’s just Dudo being Dudo. At 10 years old, his energy and excitement are still kitten-like. It felt SO good to be driving. The lamp is from the 20s. Can’t wait to see the new life Marisa gives it.

  3. Well I’m sure that you refused the bread – because you are known for your …….oh who the hell am I kidding.
    The original may not but perhaps the new one to cover alphabet soup does?

  4. SG’s chocolate buying follows the same food pattern of one of my sons. As a kid, R always ordered more food at restaurants than he could ever eat–which was followed by the usual parent comment: Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. If a little is good, a LOT is much, much better.

    Dudo and my dog, Sammy, share the same crazed look when it comes to flies invading their territory.

    Can’t wait to see what Marisa and co. do with that lamp.

    1. Mary:
      SG doesn’t do anything SMALL. Dudo still gets that crazed kitten look when he notices something. I, too, can’t wait to see what Marisa creates. She does such exceptional work.

  5. Trivia time! Did you know that the name of the rock genre “heavy metal” comes from the line “heavy metal thunder” in “Born to be Wild”? That’s my excuse of a comment contribution today, LOL!

    1. Debra:
      I did NOT know that that’s where “heavy metal” came from. Can’t wait to share this bit with friends, especially one friend who LOVES this kind of trivia.

  6. The lamp is very cool; good find and good save.
    Now, you’re a chocoholic and SG is your dealer.
    It’s a system that works, no?

    1. Bob:
      SG is my dealer in all things good! We love the lamp and have been disappointed with how we’ve been using it (really, NOT using it) here. It’s going to have a new life… just like the pub table and the corbel.

  7. I like your lamp ? and of course i love the Cat. We don’t give our cat and catnip. Son adopted them when he volunteered at the Shelter.They were 11 and bonded.and we have had them for 5 years.

    1. Parsnip:
      The catnip really seems to be pretty much a waste on our cats. They get more excited about new stuffed mice.

    1. John:
      We’ve loved the lamp for years. So glad it’s going to be reborn. It’s been sitting forgotten on the terrace.

  8. I have always loved “Born To Be Wild” — kinda funny to see the Spanish sub-titles on it! And it’s nice to see that Dudo is on the job! Where’s Moose — has he tired of being Dudo’s shadow?

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I love finding these songs with Spanish subtitles. Moose was off to the side … in the shadows… watching Dudo watch the fly.

    1. David:
      I was elated to be driving again. Here’s hoping I receive an actual license!

  9. Hey, Wild Man goin’ crazy out driving to the orthodontist! I love the lamppost and it makes me think of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.


    1. Janie:
      The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and The Lamppost. I even got to go 120 kph!

  10. As I’ve always said, “a cloudy (foggy) day at the beach is better than a sunny day at work..”

    1. Frank:
      I DO love those foggy days… And you’re right, raw winds and rain at the beach would be better than a sunny day at work.

  11. Great fog! We sometimes (rarely) see fog out at sea, but have seen ashore only one time.
    SG is a prince as well as a saint.

    1. Wilma:
      This time of year especially, we get that marine layer that sometimes rolls onshore. I think it’s then called an inverted marine layer. We learned that in San Diego. May Gray and June Gloom! SG is a lot of things… and all of them good.

  12. Can’t wait to see how the lamp turns out. Olga also gets very excited by flying insects — especially big ones.

    1. Urspo:
      He IS a dear. But feeding is his job, although I DO make his instant coffee in the morning.

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