A hamster and traveling penguin / Un hámster y un pingüino viajero

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I mentioned while I was in New York that I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow bloggers, David the Travel Penguin (click here) and his husband, J the Wicked Hamster (click here). They took the train up from Washington, D.C. and probably saw a lot more of the city than I did.

I had great plans to walk with them to Brooklyn Bridge Park to take in the majestic views of the Manhattan skyline, and to stroll some of the charming neighborhoods in the area. However, they arrived in the rain, which became a downpour (with wind gusts) about five minutes into our walk, so we instead went directly to lunch at one of my favorite places near my hotel. Two8Two Bar & Burger on Atlantic Avenue has great burgers and sandwiches. I was there twice with The Kid Brother this visit.

It was such a pleasure to meet up with them and so kind of them to make that trip. I’m sorry I couldn’t arrange for sunshine, but they managed to find some during their visit. Today’s portraits were taken by David. J shared the great shot of the Coney Island Brewery delivery truck they had seen on their wanderings. I would have loved to have brought home some beer for friends. J had a mile-high burger, which he did manage to hold in both hands to eat. That’s talent. (I used a knife and fork for my single burger.)

I’m now off to the gym and hoping I don’t get caught in another calima (Saharan sandstorm). And this had better be the end of that. I’m having the glass curtain cleaned next week.


Mencioné mientras estaba en Nueva York que tuve el placer de reunirme con otros blogueros, David the Travel Penguin (haz clic aquí) y su marido, J the Wicked Hamster (haz clic aquí). Tomaron el tren desde Washington, D.C., y probablemente vieron mucho más de la ciudad que yo.

Tenía grandes planes para caminar con ellos hasta Brooklyn Bridge Park (el parque del Puente de Brooklyn) para disfrutar de las majestuosas vistas del horizonte de Manhattan y pasear por algunos de los encantadores vecindarios de la zona. Sin embargo, llegaron bajo la lluvia, que se convirtió en aguacero (con ráfagas de viento) a los cinco minutos de nuestra caminata, así que en su lugar fuimos directamente a almorzar a uno de mis lugares favoritos cerca de mi hotel. Two8Two Bar & Burger en Atlantic Avenue tiene excelentes hamburguesas y sándwiches. Estuve allí dos veces con El Hermanito esta visita.

Fue un placer reunirme con ellos y fue muy amable de su parte hacer ese viaje. Lamento no haber podido arreglar la luz del sol, pero se las arreglaron para encontrar algo durante su visita. Los retratos de hoy fueron tomados por David. J compartió la gran toma del camión de reparto de Coney Island Brewery que habían visto en sus paseos. Me hubiera encantado haber traído a casa un poco de cerveza para los amigos. J tenía una hamburguesa de una milla de altura, que logró sostener con ambas manos para comer. Eso es talento. (Usé un cuchillo y un tenedor para mi hamburguesa individual).

Ahora me voy al gimnasio y espero que no me atrape otra calima (tormenta de arena del Sahara). Y espero que esto sea lo último. Haré que limpien la cortina de vidrio la próxima semana.

• With David / • Con David
• With J / Con J

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “A hamster and traveling penguin / Un hámster y un pingüino viajero”

    1. Jim:
      They have what they call a breakfast burger, which is my favorie: bacon, cheese, fried egg, but only one patty.

  1. Great pictures of all the boys!!!!!!

    Wicked Hamster looks like he should be one of those deep poets. Im sure you all had a good time, and yet again still bummed I couldn’t make it. Dammmmmmmmmn it.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I wish, too, I could have seen you on this visit. Hope you’re getting settled in.

  2. It’s always fun to meet up with other bloggers!

    We have a book in our library called “Time Traveling with a Hamster,” which immediately sprang to mind when I saw your post title. As far as I know, there’s no penguin in that book, though.

  3. You made the right choice to go that burger place! So nice to faces for your frequent commenters – you sure look like long-time friends.

    1. Wilma:
      We met the first time in Washington DC several years ago. Time flies. I hit that burger place 4 times while I was in NY.

  4. Love to see your beautiful faces. Sweet faces, with impish eyes, all three of you. I can handle that burger, Scoot. I’ve eaten bigger things. I’m not proud, it just sounds that way.

    1. Deedles:
      I’ve eaten bigger burgers, too, with a knife and fork. But I don’t anymore.

      1. Awww, you thought I was talking about burgers when I said I’ve eaten bigger things. How cute, Scoot 😉

      2. Deedles,
        I’m such an innocent. Nothing else even crossed my mind.

  5. The Coney Island picture is quintessentially NYC for me! LOve it.
    I would definitely put a dent in that BURGER unbelieveable!

    1. Ron:
      Isn’t that perfect. J saw the delivery truck in Manhattan. I saw the beer being sold in Coney Island.

  6. Oh what marvelous photos! And I am mad-jealous I’m not sure more of which: you to see them or vice versa. hohoho

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