Like pulling teeth / Como sacar dientes

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I was at the dentist Wednesday to have my teeth cleaned. I also had to get fitted for a new bottom retainer. I have a slight crack in mine. But it lasted an entire year this time. San Geraldo would not have done well. The shop next door was being renovated and the dentist worked to the roar of their power tools. Very disconcerting.

I saw my doctor Thursday afternoon to review my blood work and to show her my arm. It continues to improve every day but I still can’t use it to lift much weight. I had no idea how bad it actually was. At least it no longer keeps me awake at night. I walked about 9 km / 5.5 miles Thursday.

Wednesday afternoon, I went to Plaza Mayor to have my iPad checked out. The battery seems to be draining at a rapid pace. Rossellimac (the authorized Apple dealer) is checking it out and will let me know “in two or three days.” This is Day 3. I don’t like being without my iPad. I didn’t spend much time at Plaza Mayor. I thought of stopping for a coffee but wasn’t in the mood. I did have enough time, however, to check out the windows at the Philipp Plein outlet. The men’s windows were being worked on, but I found some other items to share. Must haves?


Estuve en el dentista el miércoles para que me limpiaran los dientes. También tuve que ajustarme para un nuevo retenedor inferior. Tengo una pequeña grieta en la mía. Pero esta vez duró un año entero. San Geraldo no lo hubiera hecho bien. La tienda de al lado estaba siendo renovada y el dentista trabajaba con el rugido de sus herramientas eléctricas. Muy desconcertante.

Visité a mi médico el jueves por la tarde para revisar mi análisis de sangre y mostrarle mi brazo. Sigue mejorando cada día, pero todavía no puedo usarlo para hacer ejercicio (o para levantar mucho peso). No tenía idea de lo malo que era en realidad. Al menos ya no me mantiene despierto por la noche. Caminé unos 9 km / 5,5 millas el jueves.

El miércoles por la tarde fui a la Plaza Mayor a que me revisaran el iPad. La batería parece estar agotándose a un ritmo alarmante. Rossellimac (el distribuidor autorizado de Apple) lo está revisando y me avisará “en dos o tres días”. Este es el día 3. No me gusta estar sin mi iPad. No pasé mucho tiempo en la Plaza Mayor. Pensé en parar a tomar un café, pero no estaba de humor. Sin embargo, tuve tiempo suficiente para mirar los escaparates de la tienda outlet de Philipp Plein. Se estaba trabajando en las ventanas de los hombres, pero encontré algunos otros artículos para compartir. ¿Imprescindibles?

• From Philipp Plein. Normally €910. Yours for the outlet price of €568.
• De Philipp Plein. Normalmente 910 €. Tuya por el precio outlet de 568€.
• If the crop top, retailing at €445 and outlet price of mere €312, is too much, the ridiculous cap is reduced from €270 to €192. My Mother the Dowager Duchess would have said, “They should pay me to advertise for them.”
• Si el top corto, con un precio de venta al público de 445 € y un precio de salida de solo 312 €, es demasiado, la gorra ridicula se reduce de 270 € a 192 €. Mi madre, la duquesa viuda, habría dicho: “Deberían pagarme para anunciarlos”.
• But the shorts! Oh my god, reduced from 480 € to €336.
• Pero los pantalones cortos! Dios mío, rebajado de 480 a 336€.
• The bag was only €1,134 from its usual €1,610. Perfect for the beach, don’t you think?
• El bolso costaba sólo 1.134 € de los 1.610 € habituales. Perfecto para la playa, ¿no crees?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

28 thoughts on “Like pulling teeth / Como sacar dientes”

    1. Bob:
      SG hates clothes with designer names emblazoned. My mother refused to buy anything that provided free advertising. I’m not as offended, but it has to be subtle. A little logo. Small brand. Nothing more. And I’ve never seen anything for me in that Philipp Plein window, even without the absurdly huge name.

  1. The placement of the Bull, following the overpriced fashions an intentional statement? I hope so. You could pull off the pink shiny shoes, but not at that price. Hope the iPad comes back soon.

    1. David:
      Yes, thanks for noticing the placement of the bull. I did think about that. SG has generously let me use his iPad. But I do miss mine (ane he should have his). I’ll phone Monday and see what’s going on. If I had those pink shiny shoes, the first thing I’d do is pull them off.

  2. My husband and I have never heard of him.

    Je suis plein in French means ‘I am pregnant’.

    1. Karen:
      Weren’t you wearing that tie-dye number when you were on the Costa del Sol?

    1. Jon:
      Now I can be a sucker for designer clothes, but this is, as you say, ridiculous. And hideous.

    1. Debra:
      No, but I think there’s a bull somewhere having an awfully good time. There are cows of all sizes at Plaza Mayor.

  3. I absolutely love the final pictures!!!! I especially like the architecture of the white building in the one snap. But the windows…nope. Although I could probably turn out those pink metallic sneakers with some of my slim jeans……

    And that woven beach bag! That all I use. I should show you mine! I have a few.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The white building is the outer walls of the outlet mall. A great space. The windows do nothing for me either. The sneakers are not a color I’m drawn to. But I can pick them up, and the bag, for you. Do you usually spend this much on a beach bag?

      1. Hell no, not that much. The ones I got I found in vintage shops, most were all $20 or under. Two were once owned by a Jewish lady from West Palm who moved back and then passed. I like to think I’m keeping Mrs. Phyllis Fineman’s spirit alive. Her name was embroidered on the inside. I just hope she didn’t mind the gays.

      2. Mistress Borghese:
        I love that Mrs. Phyllis Fineman story. It would have been a riot if I recognized the name.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I have no idea. But they must be doing alright. I’ve never seen anyone in the outlet store.

  4. Insane prices! Surely no one’s paying that much. I bet they keep the shop open just to elevate the brand. (Which I’ve never heard of, for what that’s worth — I am hardly a fashion plate.)

    1. Steve:
      My friends in Switzerland have never heard of the brand either. And the first time I heard of it was at the outlet mall last year or the year before.

    1. Sassybear:
      I’m already picking up a pair for Maddy. Do you want a pair, too. It’s the least I can do.

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