You little shit! / ¡Merdito!

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The other morning, I looked from my office and saw the cats sitting in the identical pose, with Moose directly behind Dudo. They both had their heads turned toward me. I grabbed my camera but, before I could snap the picture, Moose moved just a bit and I thought, “You little shit. Don’t you dare!” At that moment he leaned forward and wrapped his jaw around the back of Dudo’s neck.” Dudo gave a little whimper. I hissed. The attack immediately stopped and they both looked at me like I was hallucinating. Dudo’s nose was still beat up from their last brawl. Damned kids.

San Geraldo’s cousin Inger brought some treats for us from Norway. The first container held home-made krume (click here). That’s what Inger calls it. We just call it krumkake rolled differently than is traditional. She also bought us a bag of Smash. It’s like American Bugles, cone-shaped corn chips dipped in milk chocolate. She transferred them from the bag to a container so they wouldn’t get “smashed” in transit, but that meant they didn’t stay fresh as long. San Geraldo has told me he doesn’t like them as much as I do. I commented yesterday morning that they were starting to get a little stale. The corn chips weren’t as crunchy. He agreed. I thought I’d finish them off in the afternoon but found the empty container sitting on the kitchen counter. SG said he did it for me because I said they weren’t good anymore. So kind. I had a handful of almonds instead. It wasn’t the same.


La otra mañana, miré desde mi oficina y vi a los gatos sentados en la misma pose, con Moose directamente detrás de Dudo. Ambos tenían la cabeza vuelta hacia mí. Agarré mi cámara pero, antes de que pudiera tomar la foto, Moose se movió un poco y pensé: “¡Merdito! ¡No te atrevas! En ese momento se inclinó hacia adelante y envolvió su mandíbula alrededor de el cuello de Dudo”. Dudo dio un pequeño gemido. Yo siseé. El ataque se detuvo de inmediato y ambos me miraron como si estuviera alucinando. La nariz de Dudo todavía estaba golpeada por su última pelea. Malditos niños.

La prima de San Geraldo, Inger, nos trajo algunas golosinas de Noruega. El primer contenedor contenía krume casero (haz clic aquí). Así lo llama Inger. Simplemente lo llamamos krumkake rodillo de manera diferente a como es tradicional. También nos compró una bolsa de Smash. Es como American Bugles, chips de maíz en forma de cono bañados en chocolate con leche. Los transfirió de la bolsa a un contenedor para que no se “aplastaran” en el tránsito, pero eso significaba que no permanecían frescos tanto tiempo. San Geraldo me ha dicho que no le gustan tanto como a mí. Comenté ayer por la mañana que se estaban empezando a poner un poco rancios. Los chips de maíz no estaban tan crujientes. El acepto. Pensé en terminarlos por la tarde, pero encontré el recipiente vacío sobre la encimera en la cocina. SG dijo que lo hizo por mí porque dije que ya no eran buenos. Tan amable. Tuve un puñado de almendras en su lugar. No era lo mismo


• For years this local was reading Quantum Physics while he walked. I wonder if he’s now onto Quantum Mechanics. Not the most ergonomic way to walk, but I suppose it’s better than not walking at all.
• Durante años este local estuvo leyendo Física Cuántica mientras caminaba. Me pregunto si ahora está en Mecánica Cuántica. No es la forma más ergonómica de caminar, pero supongo que es mejor que no caminar.
• The mobile knife-sharpener honing his skills, and the neighbors’ knives.
• El afilador de cuchillos móvil perfeccionando sus habilidades, y los cuchillos de los vecinos.
• Fly fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.
• Pesca en el Mar Mediterráneo.
• Dudo decided it was safer outside. He then pounced on Moose as he walked by.
• Dudo decidió que era más seguro afuera. Luego se abalanzó sobre Moose mientras pasaba.


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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “You little shit! / ¡Merdito!”

      1. It was obscure, did you think “you little $#1t” when someone finished off the slightly stale treat?

      2. David:
        Oh! Now I get it. I simply didn’t understand the comment. But you were the only one it seems to understand my double use of “you little shit.” Thank you!

    1. Debra:
      San Geraldo’s “self-sacrifice” brought a tear to my eye, too. He made up for it by giving me chocolate chip banana bread and Mandarin oranges for dessert.

    1. Jim:
      They both can be really nasty to each other. But Moose is constantly grabbing Dudo by the nape of the neck and has been doing so since we first got them.

  1. The boys do keep themselves occupied.

    Every so often I have to yell down the hallway: “TUXEDO??? Stop biting your sister!!”

    1. Bob:
      SG gives them the evil eye and they immediately stop. I hiss (so I don’t have to get close enough for eye contact.) Little stinkers.

  2. Hasn’t that walker ever heard of an audiobook?

    I guess cat brothers are a lot like human brothers — sometimes demonstrating affection by pummeling each other.

    1. Steve:
      These two love each other and mostly destroy each other. Moose was once punctured and got an infection that required the vet. Dudo regularly has a face covered in bruises. Do you suppose quantum physics come in an audio book? Can you imagine narrating THAT?!?

  3. I am impressed by the walking reader. Or is it the reading walker? I sure wouldn’t be able to either one!
    Beautiful portrait of Dudo in the spotlight of sun.

    1. Wilma:
      I would never risk walking and reading like that. I have a hard enough time just walking.

  4. Cats are always fighting about something or other! Those tube snacks look lovely – hope they didn’t go stale as well? Jx

  5. I think that’s why I have a soft spot for Moose. We are both catty bitches. I bite people all the time for no reason.

    And what are those smash things? Are they any good? I saw where you describe them as Bugles. Never cared for them, but are they better chocolate covered?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I never liked Bugles either. These look like bugles but taste and crunch like Fritos. And they are to die for chocolate covered. And, unlike Moose, when YOU bite someone on the nape of the neck, I’ll bet they like it.

  6. Jeffrey must be terrified all my snacks and treats bare going bad/stale and I’ll hate them, because by time I get to them, they’re gone *smirk*

    I swear pets know they are being adorable and tempting us, but the minute we want to capture it in a photo, they are over it. Grrrr.

    1. Sassybear:
      I have some recent shots of Dudo clearly tiring of my camera. “Yeah, I’m adorable. Now leave me alone.”

  7. I am not a cat person but last night I dreamed about three kittens, each with three shades of grey fur, playing rather aggressively. I woke up when one “attacked” me! So, what does that mean?

    1. Frank:
      Um, you are going to adopt three cats. And one is going to be especially attached to you?

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