Kid Brother Carmen / El Hermanito y Carmen

I keep forgetting to tell you, I phoned The Kid Brother Tuesday night from the hospital. I washed my face and put on a real shirt to look presentable. The shirt wasn’t necessary because he still couldn’t get his video to work, but it at least made me feel civilized. “You won’t believe where I am,” I said. “Where?” “The hospital!” I explained it all in simple, clean, and not-dangerous terms. I told him how perfectly the surgery went, how perfectly I was heeling, that I had a private room and the hospital looked like a hotel, that I was already going outside for walks, and that I was going home the next day. The conversation ended up being wonderful, easy, and even funny at times. That was a huge relief.

Sciatica continues to be the worst part of my recovery. Yesterday and today I’ve been unable to sit up without impossible pain. I can only recline. I found a comfortable position for lunch and did what I could. Walking is OK. Healing continues. Sleeping goes well. I have an appetite. And San Geraldo treats me like royalty.

Today is our favorite festive celebration in Fuengirola, the Día del Carmen, honoring the City’s patron saint and the patron saint of all mariners. I won’t be joining the crowds, but might try to watch a bit from the terrace. Here she is last year (click here). So, no walk oustside today.

Yesterday broke all post-Schwannoma athletic records. 800 meters, 2625 feet, half a mile!

And, by the way, I just finished this post sitting at my desk for 10 minutes. It was bearable until the final moments.

Sigo olvidándome de decirte que llamé a The Kid Brother el martes por la noche desde el hospital. Me lavé la cara y me puse una camisa de verdad para verme presentable. La camiseta no era necesaria porque todavía no podía hacer que su video funcionara, pero al menos me hizo sentir civilizada. “No vas a creer dónde estoy”, dije. “¿Dónde?” “¡El hospital!” Lo expliqué todo en términos simples, sencillos y no peligrosos. Le dije lo bien que me fue la cirugía, lo bien que me estaba yendo, que tenía una habitación privada y el hospital parecía un hotel, que ya estaba saliendo a caminar, y que al día siguiente me iba a casa. La conversación terminó siendo maravillosa, fácil y hasta divertida a veces. Eso fue un gran alivio.

La ciática sigue siendo la peor parte de mi recuperación. Ayer y hoy no he podido sentarme sin un dolor imposible. Solo puedo reclinarme. Encontré una posición cómoda para almorzar e hice lo que pude. Caminar está bien. La curación continúa. Dormir va bien. tengo apetito Y San Geraldo me trata como a la realeza.

Hoy es nuestra celebración festiva favorita en Fuengirola, el Día del Carmen, en honor a la patrona de la Ciudad y de todos los marineros. No me uniré a la multitud, pero podría intentar mirar un poco desde la terraza. Aquí está ella el año pasado (haz clic aquí). Entonces, nada de caminar afuera hoy.

Ayer rompió todos los récords atléticos después-de-Schwannoma. ¡800 metros, 2625 pies, media milla! I even walked onto the beach for a photo.

Y, por cierto, acabo de terminar esta entrada sentado en mi escritorio durante 10 minutos. Fue soportable hasta los momentos finales. Incluso caminé hasta la playa para tomarme una foto.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Kid Brother Carmen / El Hermanito y Carmen”

  1. So glad you were able to speak to your Kid Bro the way you did. ~~~ 800 meters is a reasonable amount to endure. I think back 10 years ago when I had my H.A. and wondered if I would ever see 800 meters again ~ I made it and I know you will too!

    1. Ron Troke:
      Confident all will return. Hoping for relief from the sciatica. That has made these past days a nightmare.

  2. Great walk, it takes time. Glad to hear Chuck was not upset. The modern hospitals are like a Hilton.

    1. David:
      The surgery recovery couldn’t be better. The sciatica has destroyed the week.

      1. Jennifer:
        If it weren’t for the nightmare that is my sciatica, I’d be raving about how well my recovery is going.

  3. Oh, I’m glad the talk with Chuck went well! And, good job with the walks and sitting up 🙂

    1. Debra:
      It’s important to have a relationship based on respect and to help him understand things on his terms. He was a joy.

  4. Glad that you were able to talk to Chuck and that it went well. What is the prognosis on the sciatica?

    1. Claudia:
      No prognosis on the sciatica. If i knew I could walk into urgent care today and ask for a cortizone injection that might stop the pain, I’d go. But I won’t go for nothing. So here I complain.

  5. I had temporarily lost track of your blogs, and was sad to discover that you have had an op. Good that you seem to be recovering well though, in spite of the sciatica ! I sympathise with you on that score as I had it, or something similar ,a few months ago…..getting up in the morning was horrendous and I was in such pain for the first half hour. I do my exercises now before I get up and hoping it ( whatever it was) doesn’t return.

    1. Frances:
      Sciatica can be so awful. Unfortunately due to recovery from the surgery, I can do nothing that might possibly ease the sciatica … like exercise and stretching. It’s been a nightmare.

  6. I’m glad you’re healing, but the sciatica sounds miserable. I wish I could do something! Snap my fingers and make it go away! Glad the K.B. wasn’t alarmed at your hospital stay.

    1. Steve,
      After all these years, I feel confident how to approach KB about anything. Yes, please snap your fingers.

  7. I’ve been wondering about the Kid Brother. Good that the conversation went well. Here’s hoping the sciatica soon eases.

    1. Kirk,
      I’m having moments o& less pain this morning. All I can do is hope. Thanks

  8. I might have some understanding of the pain, having had sciatica myself and I also broke my back in 5 places in 2009. The pain was excruciating, so I know how bad back pain is.


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