Sciyada yada yada / Ciáda yada yada

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I’ve been up and active and doing a bit of sitting for nearly two hours this morning. But, it looks like my time is running out and I’ll soon be back in bed. I enjoyed my breakfast and tea, and admired the plants on the terrace. The desert roses have been in glorious bloom for 5 months and one stem now has a new collection of buds. I washed dishes. And I shared an enormous hug with San Geraldo. Other than the f#@#¡#g sciatica, recovery is going phenomenally well. And, at least at this point, the sciatica only hurts when I sit. Dudo is in heaven. I am in bed almost any time he wants me. This is going to be impossible to untrain.

He estado despierto y activo y sentado durante casi dos horas esta mañana. Pero parece que se me acaba el tiempo y pronto volveré a la cama. Disfruté de mi desayuno y té, y admiré las plantas en la terraza. Las rosas del desierto han estado floreciendo gloriosamente durante 5 meses y ahora un tallo tiene una nueva colección de capullos. Lavé los platos. Y compartí un abrazo enorme con San Geraldo. Aparte de la f#@#¡#g ciática, la recuperación va fenomenalmente bien. Y, al menos en este punto, la ciática solo me duele cuando me siento. Dudo está en el cielo. Estoy en la cama casi cada vez que me quiere. Esto va a ser imposible de desentrenar.

• San Geraldo said, “I wish I could scratch my head with my leg.” I said, “You can, with your front leg.” “I want to do it with my back leg,” he replied. He’s been contemplating that ever since. I hope I’m not soon reporting from the emergency room.
• San Geraldo dijo: “Ojalá pudiera rascarme la cabeza con la pierna”. Dije: “Puedes, con la pata delantera”. “Quiero hacerlo con mi pierna trasera”, respondió. Él ha estado contemplando eso desde entonces. Espero no tener que informar pronto desde la sala de emergencias.
• Monday’s moonrise.
• Salida de la luna del lunes.

• Last night.

• Anoche.

• A couple of shadowy figures heading to the beach this morning.
• Un par de figuras oscuras que se dirigían a la playa esta mañana.

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26 thoughts on “Sciyada yada yada / Ciáda yada yada”

  1. Isn’t it frustrating when you want to be able to do more!?…but you can’t?
    Call up that ole virtue of patience.
    Nice scar! Healing very well I see.

  2. Dudo seems to be quite the nursemaid, sleeping with you and watching over you.

    Your interaction with SG about scratching with front legs and back legs gave my my Daily Guffaw!

    1. Bob,
      Always grateful for the laughs with SG. Dudo’s just pleased I’m where he wants me.

    1. Jon,
      I wanted to take tons more shadow pics. Maybe in a week or so when I’m more comfortable.

    1. Debra,
      I’m amazed by how beautifully the incision is healing. Never expected that.

    1. Jennifer,
      Oh yeah, we’re the same with dudo and Moose as you are with Poppy and George (and Marco).

    1. Kirk,
      I think they can, but I think it’s usually injury related. It must be awful.

  3. Now all I can think about is scratching with my leg. There’s this itchy spot on my back that I can never reach. What if I could get it with my toenails? Training begins now! I may be frozen in a pretzel shape by the end of the day.


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