Mind the gap, strike up the band / Cuidado con la brecha, toca la banda

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After delays on the ground in Málaga and an occupied gate in London, we finally arrived a bit late Friday afternoon. The weather hasn’t been as bad, yet, as we expected. We had planned to go to Windsor Saturday but were too tired to get on any more transport, so puttered around our neighborhood of South Kensington. I then took the tube to Picadilly and mingled with the crowds at the absurdly expensive shops. I don’t know what I was thinking. Sunday we took the tube and then National Rail to Colchester to spend the day with friends Nick and Alyson. Alyson manages Colchester Castle, a Norman castle built atop a Roman temple. Amazing. Colchester was Britain’s first Roman city and, later, Britain’s first city and capital. We toured underground, on the roof, and then through the large and beautiful museum with Alyson as our personal guide. I could have spent another day or two. I’ll try to keep posting during our holiday and will fill in details on our return to Spain.

Después de retrasos en tierra en Málaga y una puerta ocupada en Londres, finalmente llegamos el viernes por la tarde. El tiempo no ha sido tan malo todavía como esperábamos. Habíamos planeado ir a Windsor el sábado, pero estábamos demasiado cansados para tomar más transporte, así que dimos una vuelta por nuestro vecindario de South Kensington. Luego tomé el metro hasta Picadilly y me mezclé con la multitud en las tiendas caras. No sé lo que estaba pensando. El domingo tomamos el metro y luego el National Rail hasta Colchester para pasar el día con los amigos Nick y Alyson. Alyson administra el Castillo de Colchester, un castillo normando construido sobre un templo romano. Asombroso. Colchester fue la primera ciudad romana de Gran Bretaña y, más tarde, la primera ciudad y capital de Gran Bretaña. Recorrimos el subterráneo, el techo y luego el gran y hermoso museo con Alyson como nuestra guía personal. Podría haber pasado uno o dos días más. Intentaré seguir publicando durante nuestras vacaciones y completaré los detalles a nuestro regreso a España.

Our arrival in Colchester was heralded by an excellent marching band (although it might have been for Armistice Day).
Nuestra llegada a Colchester fue anunciada por una excelente banda de música (aunque podría haber sido para el Día del Armisticio).
Nick, our very own gladiator.
Nick, nuestro propio gladiador.
An ancient castle snack.
Un snack de castillo antiguo.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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27 thoughts on “Mind the gap, strike up the band / Cuidado con la brecha, toca la banda”

  1. I can tell it’s already going to be a beautiful trip, although it looks a bit overcast for these pictures. Hopefully the weather will hold out. If you’re anything like me and penguin, I bet you’re going to come back with thousands of pictures

    1. Mistress Borghese,
      Poured yesterday. Beautiful today. It’s supposed to pour a lot more. But the weather hasn’t been as bad as we expected. And, oh yeah, the pictures!

  2. Colchester castle looks great!
    When my husband and I were riding the tube in London, I eventually found out that he thought the constant, “Mind the Gap” that we heard whenever we got on or off the Tube, was about the store, The Gap, so he was annoyed –ha!

  3. We have a friend who does time share there and has told us stories of the tube, castles, weather ~ sounds like this trip will be great !

  4. My brain is frozen and when I saw the Mind The Gap on the subway [tube] floor i thought you were in New York. And then I thought, there’s a castle in New York.
    I need coffee.
    Still, the castle looks amazing and the underground and up top tours sound wonderful.
    Have a fabilous time!

    1. Bob,
      Your comment made us both laugh. (Everyone knows we’re in South Dakota.) The castle was incredible. Never would have been there were it not for Nick and Alyson.

    1. Kirk,
      Spain is the same. Seeing things from 2,000 years ago is now normal for us… but still amazing.

  5. I would have LOVED that outing to the castle. Is that a dinosaur or some other kind of lizard holding what looks like a mushroom? Odd, but kind of neat…

    1. Kelly,
      That art is at Gloucester Road train station. I’ll have details and other images soon.

  6. Hoorah! You made it! I don’t blame you, not wanting to head out to Windsor one day and Colchester the next – far too much faffing about. I hope when you went to Piccadilly (as opposed to Piccadilly Circus, which is just the station) you made it to Fortnum & Mason [by Royal Appointment]? Worth a trip…

    As you are based in South Ken, I’d also guess you’re planning to visit at least one of the three major museums (Science, Natural History, V&A) there? And just up from them, the Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial and Kensington Palace? Who needs Colchester? 😀 Jx

    PS Good to see you’re enjoying yourselves, whatever you do…

    1. Jon,
      We’re making the rounds. What a great location. I didn’t go inside Fortnum & Mason (it was a mob scene) but I took pictures of the windows.

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