A Sketch and a Doodle

I used to sketch and doodle wherever I went.  Sadly, the sketching stopped a long time ago. The doodling continued, unabated, through every boring business meeting and conference call.  I am now itching to begin sketching again.


While going through some more of my “stuff” this morning, I came across an old pocket-sized sketchbook containing a quick study I did in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in November 1981.  It’s not much, but it brought back memories of lounging poolside with Jerry three months into our story.  It was a time when Jerry still wore a Speedo and I was still (blissfully ignorant) striving for the perfect tan.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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15 thoughts on “A Sketch and a Doodle”

  1. Hello Mitch:
    We have been fascinated by the 'doodle' and the way in which all the figures fit together like a human jigsaw puzzle.

    And, the sketch is most powerfully drawn and conveys immediately sun, sea and sand!

  2. J&L: Thanks for the very kind words. I had done a few of those specific "doodles." I would start with a figure that just floats off my fingers and then add others that "belong" in the spaces and angles that figure (and each additional figure) creates. It's addictive.

    Scott: I really appreciate the encouragement. I do have some more [really old] work I'll share and I hope to start creating again.

  3. Your doodling is excellent. It looks a bit like a Beatles album cover, doesn't it?
    And your "bum" sketch is luscious (or is it the bum which is luscious)?

  4. Mitch – I suppose it reminded of the Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover with it's 60's influence. But probably only I would think that!!

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