Adios Pink Palacio. Hola Dos de Mayo.

Well, it’s not a pink palacio.  But, we like it even more.  We placed a deposit Friday evening on an apartment and we should sign the papers Monday afternoon.  We looked at a total of five apartments.  The fifth was the charm (although I think THREE times is supposed to be the charm).


It’s in an old building on a beautiful plaza (can’t believe WHICH plaza), and it’s completely renovated with central air and heat, new kitchen, beautiful bathrooms, great views from large (double-glazed) doors/windows that all open onto little balconies, lots of light.  I could go on and on.  (Well, I DO go on and on, don’t I?)


We were told the apartment was near the Plaza del Duque, which is the plaza on which three of the five buildings of the department store, El Corte Ingles, are located.  But, when we were given the address to meet the agent, we learned that the apartment itself was about two streets away from there. And it was in the same building as the amazing tapas bar (the best tapas bar in Sevilla, we have been repeatedly told and, from our experience, is no exaggeration), Dos de Mayo.


Our friend Alberto had given us the name of a rental agent he recommended very highly.  He was sure Carmen and her team at Aquilcasa would be able to help us find a home.  He had high praise for them as professionals and also as wonderful people.  He didn’t praise them enough!  What an absolute pleasure it is to work with them.


The location is incredible, in the center of old Sevilla. It’s not far from the pink palacio, which is about four streets on the other side of the Plaza del Duque.  I went back this afternoon and took pictures of the building and the plaza in the glorious sunshine.   The comment Jerry and I made yesterday when we left the apartment was, “It feels like us.”  It’s a great feeling.



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19 thoughts on “Adios Pink Palacio. Hola Dos de Mayo.”

  1. Oh it is beautiful, I am in awe. You are two lucky guys…I can't wait to see it once you moce in and decorate.
    Looks like a perfect place for Mojitos 🙂
    have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Absolutely wonderful! This is incredibly exciting. Looks like it's exceeded not just your expectations but all your hopes too. I'm sure that the laborious process of actually physically moving in will be a bit lighter now because you know what you'll feel like when you're truly in there and be able to call it your home.
    I'm now putting Seville on my list of must-visit places when I win our National Lottery – but I promise to give you due warning.
    Great stuff!

  3. David: It IS a perfect place for mojitos, but we'll have to have them sent up from Dos de Mayo. Otherwise, it would be way too much like cooking for me!

    Raybeard: We really are thrilled. It's beautiful and it's so different from anything we would have in the US. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for that National Lottery.

    J&L: Or maybe a "smart waiter" would be willing to deliver. We will have to behave ourselves, though. Too tempting to eat downstairs every day.

  4. It looks fabulous guys and what a great location. I always enjoy shopping at El Cortes Ingles when in Madrid and Barcelona – it's a classy store. Does the Seville one have a food hall in the lower level? That would be handy.
    Many happy days there.

  5. Craig: El Corte Ingles in "our" neighborhood has six total (I think) buildings — four on Plaza del Duque and then another two several streets away (one for furniture, one for electronics, etc.). There's also another El Corte Ingles in the neighborhood of Nervion. And, yes, they have those amazing food halls in the lower level!

  6. Place looks gorgeous, I know you'll be happy there and on my next trip to Spain I would love to see it in person!

  7. As Andalusians you have to begin listening Andalusian music.
    This guy is Pablo Alboran, one of the most famous singers in Spain, and plays 3 or 4 times a year in Sevilla.

    This song is dedicated to Andalucia and it´s pretty nice, i want share with you:

    Lyrics (sorry for my english)

    Put the ligths on…
    in this port, where my boat
    is waiting for your back,
    and fill me with dreams
    and give my calm back.

    Because if i lost you
    i can´t find myself
    Because you´re part of all i am.
    I will not forget you
    there is nothing that can separate us…never.
    Inside me, i´ll remember you,
    then your ligth will guide me.
    From the distance eve day that pass by
    my love becomes stronger.

    Because i can´t feel more joy
    and i don´t mind how far you are,
    because you magic it´s still living in me.


    Hope ypu like.

    Best Wishes.

  8. Jazintosh: Thanks for the links and the introduction. What a beautiful voice!

    Walt the Fourth: We are ready NOW. But, at most we've got one more week of hotel living. I'll manage.

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