The First Few Hours in Málaga

The train ride down to Málaga was a pleasure.  Sevilla’s train station has a sweets shop.  Jerry ate a bag of chocolate-covered raisins.  We shared a package (of two) chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies.  When those were very quickly gone, we shared a package (of six) traditional Oreo cookies.  Maybe we should stop at a market and pick up some healthy snacks for the ride home on Wednesday.


Our assigned seats did not face forward (remember the January train rides?) but we didn’t even bother asking. Once onboard, we simply changed our seats to ones that faced the right direction.  Jorunn arrived at the hotel just a few minutes before us.  Jerry charmed his way into the hearts of the front desk staff, and we ended up with a deluxe room with a beautiful view.  Jorunn is just a few doors down (well, she’s at least got a really nice big bathroom).


We all unpacked, called Jerry’s cousin in Torrox to make plans for tomorrow, and then headed up to the sixth floor roof terrace for mojitos and peanuts.  I was too lazy to head back down one flight of stairs to retrieve my camera, so smart phone photos will have to do (yet again).  A rental car will be delivered to the hotel in the morning and we’ll drive the 46km to Torrox.  Dinner in an hour — more or less.  SO relaxing.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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  1. mojitos, peanuts on the roof top terrace, with that killer view, Oh Mr. Block, I want one day in your life,…sounds blissful 🙂

    enjoy my friend

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