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When we moved to Las Vegas in 2007, it took me three weeks to “cook” myself breakfast.  That involved opening a packet of microwave oatmeal, pouring the dry contents into a bowl, adding a quarter cup of milk, placing it in the microwave, setting the timer, and pressing start.  When the microwave “dinged,” I removed the bowl, stirred in a cup of yogurt (very gourmet), and ate.  I was  proud of myself (still am) and I told Jerry so.  He was not impressed.


It has taken me more than two months to finally “cook” in our kitchen in Sevilla.  But, I overcame my fear and did so this afternoon.  I didn’t even need to read the instructions to figure out how to work the microwave.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

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  1. That's great! Thanks for the good laugh. But you did have me worried for a bit when you said that you cooked, because you are my excuse for not cooking: If Mitchell can't cook, then it's not so bad that I can't cook.

  2. Jo:
    You can count on me. I have even taken to eating my morning yogurt out of the container and then my fruit as a chaser — either fresh (without cutting it up) or directly from a can. Putting breakfast in a bowl feels too much like cooking.

  3. Gee…and I love cooking so much. I do so 7 days a week for 7 people (soon 8, maybe next week)

    But don't fret…you live in Sevilla and your options are limitless.


  4. Ah…Earl G is the king of teas.

    I hate to cook too, but have never tried yogurt in my oatmeal. I shall do that tomorrow!

    Have you ever tried Redwood Farms Goat Milk yogurt in the wildflower honey flavor? Or Noosa honey flavored? Both are delicious….

  5. Splendid! Before you know it you'll be whipping up Boeuf en croute with one hand tied behind your back. Or perhaps not. But as Raulito says, why cook when you live in Sevilla with everything you need just a few steps away?

  6. You had me there! Whast would become of you if Jerry was not around to take care of you?

    Okay, you have your own qualities, but making a cuppa in in the microwave…

  7. Raulito:
    I don't fret at all about not cooking. In a pinch, I can actually follow a recipe and make one item. I line up every ingredient in order of use and put each away as I go. An entire meal (even two items) is impossible. But, you're right about Sevilla. I can just go downstairs and have a beer and some tapas for next to nothing.

  8. Maria:
    Glad to be able to inspire you with my cooking expertise. Someone who worked for us when we had the hotel cooked up the oatmeal/yogurt thing for himself on the stove (imagine that) and called it Greek Oatmeal. Here in Sevilla we've been enjoying Greek yogurt (a style of yogurt, not a brand or recipe). I've never heard of the brands you mention; I'll look on the next rare occasion I actually set foot in the supermarket and see if they're here… but I doubt it!

  9. Peter:
    Without Jerry, I would live on peanut butter & rice cakes, frozen pizza, and whatever "to go" food is available. In California, whenever Jerry was away from home, I survived on microwave meals. I'm grateful for Jerry!

    If you ever come for a cup of tea, I promise to actually boil water.

  10. You've already admitted too much and have incriminated yourself. The Committee is presently reviewing your gay credentials and is leaning toward not renewing your full membership. You had best submit supporting evidence ASAP.

  11. I think the rebel is right?
    Peanut butter, rice cakes (that is a little gay) but pizza, frozen?
    Sounds like your recycling goes up by 600 % when you are alone…hmm,
    wait! Do you buy new underwear in stead of washing the old ones sitting on the bureau in the foyer?
    That sounds pretty straight male to me.
    Damn, I was really enjoying this place!

  12. Theaterdog:
    See my preceding response to FDeF! I do have an awful lot of underwear (all designer label) but I don't leave old underwear on the bureau in the foyer (we don't have a bureau in the foyer); it all goes immediately in the very chic, cloth-lined, faux-lambskin basket that I use as a hamper. Gay enough for you?

  13. sophie…^5:
    I wouldn't mind cooking some tea for you any time. I haven't ruined a cup yet (well, come to think of it, that's a lie). The salad was a little bit of art.

  14. Jean:
    Well, I like to think of myself as unique. But I doubt it's for those reasons. I have to admit though that I used to be able to scramble an egg. I'm just much better at (and much prefer) cleaning up the kitchen after someone with more talent and more interest has had at it.

  15. John:
    It's not Spain or Wales. Jerry makes cheese and crackers look like art. If I make cheese and crackers, it looks like cheese and crackers (but only if I'm lucky).

  16. the cuby poet:
    I thought the string with the Twinings tag would be a dead give-away. Earl Grey tea. Perfectly steeped and with just the right amount of milk. A culinary masterpiece.

  17. Greek yogurt is part of my breakfast every morning. Fritz and I are both cooks and delight in surprising each other with things we invent.

    Spain provides the most delightful sensory overload and the food is right up there at the top. Running downstairs for Tapas must be a great joy.

  18. Will:
    I only discovered Greek yogurt when we arrived here, and I love it.

    I might, in a pinch, be able to follow a recipe, but I could never invent anything in the kitchen… except a disaster.

    As for tapas, we keep discovering new wonderful places. And right downstairs is Dos de Mayo, which specializes in seafood and is one of the most popular tapas bars in Sevilla. It's a little bit of heaven.

  19. When I visit let's just leave the cooking to Jerry okay? Oh and boiling water in a microwave for tea is wrong on so many different levels. We must find you a tea kettle!

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