How to Park Half a Car

It was a busy Friday night in Sevilla.  Lots of people.  Lots of cars competing for very few spaces.  Smart Cars are ideally designed for these streets.  They look to me like half a car and, since many of our streets are the width of half a normal street, and the parking spaces that result are about the same, Smart Car owners have a distinct advantage.  As we passed the Plaza de San Lorenzo tonight on our way to dinner at the Alameda de Hercules, we got a new lesson in parking Sevillano style.  The spot was too small even for a Smart Car, so the driver was creative.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “How to Park Half a Car”

  1. It won't be long before you'll be thinking of Sevilla streets as "normal" streets, and those California monstrosities within whose intersections you could build an apartment block as abnormal.

  2. These demi-cars are becoming quite popular here too. One is owned by people just a couple of doors down the road. As a non-driver I can't speak for their efficiency or otherwise, but after getting used to their sight they look aesthetically quite pleasing and even environmentally friendlier, though the latter is only based on the crude assessment 'the smaller the better' and may be not true. But it does look like it could be pointing to the future.

  3. This one is a 'Smart' parker! We see them all over the place in Amsterdam. We even have them as electric taxi's, so when you're taller then most people you have to warn the taxi-company to send a larger car.

  4. Raybeard:
    I do love the look of the Smart cars. There's even one in my mother's neighborhood in NY, which could be picked up and stowed in the trunk of just about any other car on the street.

  5. Certainly advantages to having one! I always think that they would be useless in an accident… protection at all….unless they are made of forged steel! lol

  6. @Jim AWOOGAH – NERD MOMENT: you can crash a Smart car into solid concrete at 70mph and the passenger cell will remain intact. Unfortunately, both passengers will have died from deceleration injuries because while it is as strong as a Mrs Beeton's baked suet crust, there just ain't no crumple zones. When a Smart stops, it stops (and your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys carry on with inertia). End of nerd moment (I was a car freak as a kid – stuff sticks)! That said, if they carried just a twitch more luggage and leg room, I'd love one…

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