Making a Joyful Noise


Street musicians are very common here in Sevilla.  I’ve mentioned them in earlier posts.  Some are wonderfully talented and a joy to hear.  Others are pure torture and I’m tempted to pay them if only they’ll stop.  One day last week, I heard the tune “Strangers in the Night” being played fairly decently outside our windows.  Musicians making their rounds regularly stop in front of Dos de Mayo to perform for tips for the four restaurants/bars on our plaza.

Last Saturday afternoon, I heard an energized flamenco beat being carried by some sort of drum and clapping hands.  When I went out on the balcony, I found one man playing a guitar and singing while another drummed on a large box.  A baby in a carriage was mesmerized, and people around them clapped skillfully to the beat.  It was uplifting. At the end, no hat was passed; no money was exchanged.  They just hugged and headed on their way.


As we neared the plaza on our walk home from dinner late last night, we heard a joyful noise.  Many voices were raised in song.  They sounded great despite the fact that we groaned when we realized they were singing “Cielito Lindo.” However, as we turned the corner, we discovered the crowd was being led by a group of traditionally garbed troubadours.  And, thankfully, the troop’s next and last song, which they sang alone, was something much more fun — and less familiar to us — than “Cielito Lindo.” 

We were so grateful to have arrived home before they made their musical exit.  I hope the video I caught of that last number — right at our front door — will give you a sense of the happiness we felt as we headed upstairs for the night.

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22 thoughts on “Making a Joyful Noise”

  1. Sevilla is starting to sound a little surreal – the stuff that goes on day to day there sounds like something scripted in a movie.


  2. How cool was that! Yes, you absolutely,sir, cannot take any of this for granted! You hear! Capisce!
    Let me see, I am imaging this occurring as we arrive home late one evening, along the shores of the NORTH ATLANTIC!……doesn't seem to work! lol

  3. Plenty of singing now – but I wonder if there'll be more or less of it after the results have been declared? I guess that there certainly will be rejoicing if it goes the expected way, but I reckon it won't last very long before reality bites – no matter who wins.
    (I assume, Mitch, that you've got to have resided in Espana for quite some time before you personally get your vote?)

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