As the Sun Slowly Sinks in the West

I didn’t have a very productive day.  Jerry and I went out for a pleasant breakfast at El Búcaro (where we saw flamenco back in January).  I washed dishes after lunch, did some laundry, sent some emails, commented on some blog posts, phoned my mother and brother.  I didn’t go for my brisk walk.  I didn’t exercise.  I didn’t stretch.  I didn’t give money to any street musicians, or to anyone else on the street.  I didn’t draw.  I didn’t write.  I still didn’t whisk any eggs.  I didn’t study Spanish.  I didn’t socialize.

So, when I headed back up to the roof a short time ago to retrieve the laundry I had left hanging there to dry, I wasn’t very energized.  Until I opened the door to the sunset. I am now inspired to do more tomorrow.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “As the Sun Slowly Sinks in the West”

  1. Writer:
    There's something magical to me about the idea of the sun sinking up from the east. I like that.

    What I need is an exercise buddy. But, I think you may be too far away to make that work. (Different suns and all.)

  2. Nothing like a spectacular sunrise or sunset to engage the 'inspiration drive'.

    Thanks for sharing those pics. I might get off my arse and do something myself tomorrow 🙂

  3. The Owl Wood:
    Those trees appear to be very common here. Always bare and growing only on rooftops. In Spanish the tree is called ANTENA (accent on the second syllable).

  4. And I can see why it would, Mitch! Great shots and to think it is always there just for you!!!
    Some days are just here to do nothing at all….which is something when you think of it. Lighten up Jim!

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