Gratifying Graffiti

I went for a brisk, invigorating walk this afternoon and really worked up a sweat.  I was out for an hour.  I crossed the river via the bridge that leads to Isla Magica a large seasonal amusement park.  I discovered some fascinating plazas, fountains, buildings, and parks.  Some were well-maintained.  Others were woefully neglected.  I’ll have to research what I saw so I can share it all with you. 

On my way back, I walked along “my side” of the river again.  I plan to write more about graffiti art here in Sevilla, but will save that for another day.  Much of the graffiti I see around town — good art or not — is simply vandalism to public and private property.  But, today I passed graffiti artists who, with permission (police were nearby), were improving a stretch of vandalized wall along the river and I just have to share one work currently being produced.  I didn’t want to interrupt the artist’s flow, so I snapped a picture and quickly took off.  The sun was so bright that I couldn’t clearly see the screen on my phone and only knew I had at least captured the artwork.  I didn’t realize until I got home that the artist had stopped and looked directly at me as I snapped.  Now I’m sorry I didn’t talk to him and get his name.  I’ll have to go back tomorrow and hope to find him there.  Great talent and a gift to the city.


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18 thoughts on “Gratifying Graffiti”

  1. A lot of folks think graffiti isn't art, but it is.
    And I love that they are allowing the artists to improve on public spaces.

  2. Bob:
    I'm looking forward to writing an entire post on graffiti here. Some of it really is just an eyesore, but it is great to see how its been embraced in other places and turned into public art and not simply destruction.

  3. Most of the graffiti around town is just rubbish, but sometimes there's really a piece of art among them. Only the 'rubbish' have given the 'art' a bad name.

  4. Peter:
    You're so right. I think most of what I see around here that I like was created as part of public arts projects. (But every so often there is some amazing talent that is only expressed through vandalism.)

  5. Kisatrtle:
    Quite often. But, unfortunately, sometimes it's just vandalism. I had coffee in a plaza this morning where some guys were repainting a portion of wall outside a café to cover graffiti that was just someone's name badly painted.

  6. I love it. Have you seen the beautiful graffiti in Berlin? I went on a tour and some of the pieces were stunning and thought-provoking. Looking forward to seeing the graffiti art in Sevilla through your eyes.

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