Looking for Divine Inspiration

I continue to have motivation problems. Every night I make great plans to get myself moving and out of the house in the morning. And every morning, I lounge in bed, have a late breakfast downstairs, and then just hang around. It’s not a bad life, but the inactivity is not great for my mood. So, last night I set the alarm clock planning to get up and go for a brisk walk before breakfast. I was awake before the alarm. And then I lounged… Finally, while taking my shower, I noticed that the water wasn’t all that hot. After a couple of minutes, it was cool. The water heater is on the fritz. So I’ve spent part of the day phoning and waiting for return calls from the insurance company. I’m now waiting for the repair person to call and schedule a visit. And that’s been my excuse for not going anywhere … today.


Yesterday, my excuse for staying home much of the day was my allergies. The day before, my shoelace broke. Or one of my socks bunched up and made it uncomfortable to walk too far. No, I think the velcro strap on my sneaker lost its grip. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket. It was the velcro!


So, I’m still looking for the kick in the pants, the shot in the arm, that will get me happily active again. And I need to find it for myself. Jerry, Linda, Tom, and I took a walk to get churros and chocolate the other day. Our churros stand wasn’t serving yet and we didn’t feel like waiting the hour, so we instead went to a little chocolate shop and café called Valor and I now have a new favorite churros y chocolate place. Valor is just a block away from the Church of the Magdalena. The churros were excellent and the chocolate was superior. Hot, dark, thick, and exquisitely delicious. To top things off, it was cheaper at the café than at our usual stand. It’s not a bad way to spend some time while I await divine inspiration. Besides, in my funk, I’ve lost 10 pounds (more than 5 kilos). I can afford a little churros y chocolate inspiration and I know I won’t get any arguments from San Geraldo.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “Looking for Divine Inspiration”

  1. Hello Mitch:
    Wonderful, wonderful photographs!!

    But this is not good news, indeed BAD NEWS as our friend B would say, to be staying in bed half the morning [our words, and apologies if not true] and having no real purpose. Get up and get out to explore that unknown, attractive and interesting new country of yours. Get to know it like the back of your hand so that each day adds to the riches and experiences of life. But of course make space for a café stop, or two, or three…!

  2. J&L: I get out more than it sounds, but am not exploring and living as much as I could or should. Today, the water heater; tomorrow, the world! Thanks for the pep talk!

  3. I sometimes feel the need to hire someone to Kick My Ass Outta Bed on those mornings when I have great expectations and low inspirations.
    If I find one, I'll see if they have a Spanish version for you.

  4. Mitch:
    You have no idea how jealous I am…if only you realize that there are people like me who would just give their right tit to be in Sevilla, then you would get up in the morning. Appreciate the opportunity you have. Sleep? you can do that when you die. I can't remember who said it but it goes like this: "sleep, ah, those delicious little slices of death"


    1. Raulito: Wish it were that easy! I do definitely realize how lucky I am; just can't always get all parts of the brain in sync. I'm whining… but I'm not complaining (if that makes any sense)!

    1. Walt the Fourth: I have always lived on my own planet. In my world, anything can result in weight loss. Happy? No time to eat. Sad? No interest in food. I have worked really hard to get up to THIS weight. And, I know, I get no sympathy!

  5. You are right that "I need to find it for myself". But it's hard when you are depressed. Instead of a kick in the pants, perhaps just plan a short walk (middle of the afternoon or whenever) – velcro permitting. Lengthen or shorten the walk, depending on how you feel. I walk when I'm feeling down. Sometimes it helps – sometimes it doesn't – but I try not to be critical of myself for not meeting some goal I had set for myself.

    Just know that you are loved – by Jerry, and by a whole lot of other people, especially me.

  6. Uh oh! When you get bored, you usually move somewhere. Where to now? Just remember, "wherever you go, there you are"!
    p.s. I need to lose weight. Are you suggesting cold showers or hot chocolate?

    1. Mark: Not bored, must unmotivated. No desire to move… yet!

      As for weight loss, walk 4 miles… briskly. Then stop for churros and chocolate. Then have my metabolism and genetic make-up. That's all it takes.

  7. When I get in a funk, like over the past three weeks, I GAIN weight. Thank your stars for small favors. Have you thought about buying a car?

    1. Frank:

      Most people are like you when it comes to gaining weight, which is why I never got any sympathy for my "problem."

      Although we miss the convenience of a car some days, the inconvenience of having one in Sevilla far outweighs the lack thereof. We just need to get into the habit of renting one whenever we feel like exploring. We lived in Washington DC for three years without a car and loved it.

  8. Your shot of chocolate and churros made my mouth water. As someone who gets down in the dumps now and then, I can't offer you any advice other that keep up the chocolate and churros! That had GOT to be the secret!

    1. Ms Sparrow: My mouth is watering again just thinking about our most recent churros and chocolate! I'm not doing all that bad. Just one big whiner!!!

  9. Oh the life you have Mitch! Chocolate, churros, friends, palaces, chocolate, churros……..you get the picture. Your inspiration will hit you on the head when you least expect it….give it time and you have lots of that, no hurry.
    Love the photos Mitch.

  10. Mitch,
    I have had my fair share of motivation issues myself lately. But I am pretty sure that Chocolate Con Churro's would certainly get me motivated as well. I wish we had those in Scottsdale.

    1. Scott:
      I was never a fan of churros, but the good churros here are better than any I've had and the addition of the chocolate (hot) is perfection (and the most recent chocolate was out of this world).

  11. My advice is: get someone to get you out of bed and moving until it becomes spontaneous. Get an external motivator, and through habit it may sink in and become real.

    1. Ur-spo:
      This is excellent advice. Jerry's sister Linda has said she'd be happy to go for a walk with me every morning before breakfast. That's what I'll do!

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