Wanna Neck?

I haven’t had an offer like that in years. Well, I’ve had offers. But no one has ever asked me if I wanted to neck. So, I was taken completely by surprise the other night when, after dinner, while sitting and watching an episode of Hawaii Five-O (a very bizarre episode of Hawaii Five-O, I must say), Jerry turned to me during a long commercial break and said, “Wanna neck?”

Wow! But after a moment’s thought, I realized he didn’t mean what I thought he meant, although the second choice wasn’t so bad either.

Jerry recently discovered a great dessert in the freezer section of the supermarket. A chocolate-encased ice cream in the shape of a bottle of champagne. Jerry and I hosted a couple of dinners here recently and had two champagne bottle “necks” left-over in the freezer.

So, Jerry hadn’t asked me if I wanted TO neck; he had asked me if I wanted A neck. Either way, I would have said “yes.”


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Wanna Neck?”

  1. OMG, I think I'm in love, a champagne bottle shaped ice cream which looks, I'm speechless – wannit, wannit, wannit NOW! 🙂

    1. kisatrtle: It is surprisingly good quality. Rich chocolate. Delicious (and rich) ice cream. Linda is grocery shopping for dinner right now. I wonder what we're having for dessert today.

  2. Here I sit with my tub of lemon/vodka ice-cream and you are tempting me with icy chocolate cream. 😉

    Had some delish chocolate this afternoon @ 'the dealer' and "wet cake" with raspberries from patissery #1 of Kortrijk in Belgium. [lunch + dinner in one]

    1. Oh, Peter, lemon/vodka ice-cream sounds incredible! You have the most amazing combinations. I'm now drooling at the though of wet cake and raspberries (which I love so much more than strawberries).

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