What a Difference a Day Makes


By last night, Dudo (we find his original Spanish name flows more easily off the tongue than the American ‘Dude’) and Moose were clearly feeling at home. They now follow us around the house, snuggle with us, give us kisses, purr, play.

I “couldn’t” get out of bed this morning, because Dudo and Moose were both snuggled against me contentedly. They clearly know they’re loved and safe.

I promise that this will not now become “that blog about the cats,” but I just wanted to show you today how well things are going. San Geraldo finally got them settled on the bed again, so he can do some computer work (they were insistent on being petted by him and shadowed his every move for about 10 minutes when we came home from breakfast).




Yes, what a difference a day made…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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    1. Judith:
      We're surprised now at how easy it is to tell them apart. Moose has more black on his face (the black goes well below his eyes), while Dudo has what looks like eye-liner below his eyes. Also, Moose has a wider band of black on the back of his neck and his right hind leg is mostly black. So, at most angles, a quick glance is all it takes.

  1. Hello Mitch:
    We are delighted that the cats have now emerged from under the bed to be on top of it where, of course, they are looking remarkably comfortable and at home. At the risk of repeating what others have said, they really are lovely and we know they are loved so much by you both. Wonderful.

  2. It's heartwarming to hear how quickly the two feline fellas have adapted. They can sometimes become stubborn bedfellows, however. Take a word of advice from one who has suffered the consequences of poor planning: do not feed them the first thing in the morning! They will try to get you out of bed before dawn with whining and creative pranks you can't even imagine. Of course, they are so delightful that you forgive them.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      Oh, yes, we learned that lesson with our cat Dobie more than 10 years ago! I'd give him and his brother a treat of fresh tuna in the morning when we gave them fresh dry food and water. Dobie started waking me up at 6:30, then 6. When we hit 5:15, I stopped giving him a treat in the morning. (I was a bit slow to catch on.) It took about a week for Dobie to finally give up. But he got really crotchety in his old age and would wake Jerry that early just to change his water.

  3. The only difficulty with domestic cats is that, once you have enjoyed a long and happy cat-life with them, they make such small rugs …

  4. Now you have an excuse to not get out of bed. Trapped by the cats. They looked too peaceful to bother them.

  5. Soon will come the day when THEY will be the masters and you THEIR pet. They already look as though they own your place.

    I also have a bed problem with my Blackso. His current phase is to sleep in the bed (his chosen locations seem to go in rotation) – and he WILL always choose the dead centre of the bed to settle in. When I retire, not having the heart to disturb him, I have to get into contorted sleeping positions before being reasonably sure I won't fall out. Does he care? Hell no!!!

    1. Raybeard:
      That day has already come! (And we love it.) Dudo has taken over Jerry's office. Moose is sound asleep dead-center on my bed (just like Blackso).

      Moose spent the entire night with me and when I opened my eyes this morning, he was staring at me from the foot of the bed and excitedly clucked and ran at me to lick my face and get cuddled.

      I'm a little more pushy with the cats when I'm in bed. Jerry is exactly like you.

  6. Now that is what I call a real home, Dudo and Moose are so obviously happy and relaxed. Love transcends the language barrier.

  7. They are adorable, Mitch! Four males in the house!
    I know what I'm going to listen to tomorrow morning…..a little bit of Miss Dinah!
    have a great Sunday.

  8. How wonderful!! That is pretty darn fast! They must have realized they hit the jackpot. Doesn't it just make you feel terrific to provide a good safe loving home for these two!?

  9. Salut Dudo et Moose

    Nous sommes une famille de ‘street cats’ (will switch to Anglais if that’s OK with you as we don’t miaow Espagnol) in a small town near Lille. An English woman, Catherine, who is living here for a year, has noticed the uncanny resemblance between (some of) us and you guys. She says you’re adorable. We think we might be distant relatives. Of course, living in an old shed in an abandoned site on a side street in northern France doesn’t rank with your fantastique new life in your Seville apartment with your vraiment sympa humans.

    Catherine now insists on saying ‘Bonjour les Dudo-Moose’ when she walks past on her way to work. We don’t like making eye contact so she has to take crafty glances at us [she thinks we don’t notice but of course we do, whilst we’re sitting in the middle of the road or sunning ourselves on a tumbledown wall). Mind you, we draw the line at photos although we have a feeling that when she is looking at her mobile she may be papping us.

    Anyway, just wanted to say ‘Ola’.


    1. Nubian:
      Well, our house has been approved. I know you've already got your passport. So just get all your shots up-to-date, get micro-chipped, and we're all set!

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