Happy is the Home with at Least One Cat

Yesterday evening, two kind people from the cat rescue center (Defensa Felina) delivered the two new members of our family. Their names are Dudo and Musy and they are brothers and not easy to tell apart. (Mussy, we were told, has the flatter face.)

Since they’re only 10 months old and don’t yet know their names, we had planned to change them. But we learned that their names are entered into their embedded microchips and written on their passports. (Yes, they actually come with microchips and legal passports). So, rather than going to the trouble of changing their passports and reprogramming their microchips, Dudo and Musy they will remain. We’ve simply added a slightly (?) American twist for their nicknames. So, I’d like to introduce you to Dude and Moose.


They had shots yesterday morning, so I think they’re not at their normal energy levels. And the entire day was clearly very traumatic — the vet in the morning and a new home in the evening. They were born on the street and have only ever seen their cages and a small room in the shelter. This is a lot to take in. They explored on their own during the night, but were safely under the bed again this morning. They pop out every now and again, but are not sure what to make of us yet and quickly return. Both times we’ve been out of the house today, we returned to a used litter box and emptier food dishes. So, we know they’re alright. It will just be nice when they stop hiding from us.


Dude is clearly the intrepid explorer and Moose usually follows more timidly behind. Last night before we went to bed, we gave them the run of the house. They were fascinated but overwhelmed and skittish because of all the “things” and all the reflections. So, we have temporarily closed off that part of the house (especially since they kept trying to eat the plants). Once we have those taken care of, we’ll let them roam again. They’re adorable and we’re sure they’ll have us both trained in no time.

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30 thoughts on “Happy is the Home with at Least One Cat”

    1. Unfortunately, they've been keeping each other company and avoiding us. But they both just this minute ran out from under the bed to get petted by Jerry and now they're following him down the hall to get something to eat! Yes!!! We definitely like to have our cats in twos so they never feel alone.

  1. Seeing them has completely made my day. I'm lost for words, so 'adorable' will have to do for now (and why not? it's true) until I come down to earth again. Hope you'll be showing LOADS of pics of them, Mitch. Love to them (and you) from Blackso, Noodles and self.

    1. Oh, Raybeard, we're making progress. Moose is now hesitantly following Jerry and Dude has already walked next to him to get some food. Can't wait to be able to get better pictures. Our house is now a home!

  2. This is the end of the world as you knew it. You'll be dangling toys on string before you can say itchy-witchy oochy-cootchy oosa widdle sweetums den …


    1. The Owl Wood:
      Yep. We're already talking baby talk. Argh! And, since our cats will need to be bilingual, I speak mostly Spanish to them and Jerry speaks English. (I can't be certain, but I get the impression they don't understand either language.)

  3. As long as you understand "cat" it doesn't really matter what you say to them, your job is to serve. They are handsome boys – I am thrilled to bits for all of you. Your house is definitely a home. Cats always know who can work the can opener.

    1. Elaine:
      In the last 10 minutes they have gone from hiding under the bed to running to Jerry when he called to cuddling with us both. Heaven! They appear to be satisfied with their new staff (us).

  4. Give them time…..they will come around when it hits them how lucky they are! From the street to you two! LOVE the Americanized names too. Have fun Mitch!

    1. Jim:
      I don't know if you've seen my recent comments: They have suddenly turned a corner and are out and about, asking for cuddles, and just being adorable. This is love.

  5. Lovely additions/companions for you guys…such handsome kitties and the colouring…beauties. Be careful with you breakables…don't want to lose anything unexpectedly! SO now, SOphie has some to confer with!!Ron

    1. Ron:
      We grew lax with our old cat, Dobie. He was very large and square, and never a jumper. We easily trained Thelma to not jump up on the tables, but even without training, she was adept at avoiding every breakable item. These two guys, I think, are going to be a bigger challenge. Both are amazing jumpers and overwhelmed with and fascinated by all these things they've never seen before. I'm glad we went slightly minimalist with this move. Less to lose now!

  6. I'm visiting (have been lurking) via Ms Sparrow.
    WOOHOO!!! More happy cats in the world. So glad you got two.
    We have 13 cats…all rescue and all gorgeous…as are Dude and Moose! As you said, your house is now a home. Congratulations!
    Jane x

    1. Jane:
      Thank you so much for visiting (instead of just lurking). I hope you'll visit all the time. We have a nephew and niece-in-law with 13 cats, also all rescue, all gorgeous, and all so different It is a wonderful feeling to be so loved and to do something so good at the same time. You're right about this house now being a home. Thanks!

  7. Great (American)names!
    They are warming up to you because you got rid of those silly Spanish names. Either that or because you feed them. Either way, enjoy the new family.

  8. They are so cute!! I'm sure it is very overwhelming but I'm sure they will come to love being with you. How lovely that they got to stay together. I love the names Dude and Moose. And cats have passports??? Who knew!!? Welcome little kitties. Have fun … I know we shall be seeing you regularly (I hope).

    1. Jenners:
      Yep, passports and microchips. Pretty amazing. We are stunned by how quickly they have settled in. They are right now sound asleep completely wrapped up in each other. I can't imagine separating them.

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