Cruisin’ and playin’ the radio / Navegando y tocanda la radio

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I ENDED UP HAVING MY driving exam at 12:30 today. I passed! I was stressed, having decided I wouldn’t put myself through this again. If I failed today, I was done with driving. The examiner was pleasant, civil, respectful. Everything went perfectly. He didn’t have me run an obstacle course, like the first one did. He never once yelled at me.

At the end, however, I misunderstood and thought he told me to turn left and not right. It should have been the final two minutes of the exam. Instead, I was forced to get on the highway and drive to the next exit and turn back. My head exploded at that point. I knew it shouldn’t be a failable offense, but the witch would have failed me for that. I apologized. When we finished, I thanked him for his time — and for his extra time. He laughed. But I still expected to fail. San Geraldo and I stopped at McDonald’s again for lunch, while I resigned myself to never driving again. The anxiety wasn’t worth it to me. After all, I haven’t been driving since 2013 when my California license expired.

Less than an hour later, my instructor Tomás phoned and asked if I wanted some good news! I’m elated. I’ll have my temporary license tomorrow and the permanent one will arrive by mail.

I forgot to share a couple of Tuesday sunrise photos taken on my phone. Photo quality isn’t as good, but the phone camera was able to pick up more of the blues. And then there were some exquisite hibiscus around town. It’s time to clean the kitchen after San Geraldo who just put three loaves of banana bread in the oven, and then I’m going for a celebratory walk in the afternoon sun.

Thanks to you all for the moral support. San Geraldo has lived up to his title (Saint, not Grumpy). He has been so supportive, understanding, patient, and, especially, empathetic.


TENÍA MI EXAMEN DE CONDUCCIÓN a las 12:30 de hoy. ¡Pasé! Estaba estresado, habiendo decidido que no volvería a pasar por esto. Si fallaba hoy, había terminado con la conducción. El examinador fue agradable, cortés, respetuoso. Todo salió a la perfección. No me hizo correr una carrera de obstáculos, como hizo la primera. Ni una sola vez me gritó.

Al final, sin embargo, entendí mal y pensé que me dijo que girara a la izquierda y no a la derecha. Deberían haber sido los últimos dos minutos del examen. En cambio, me vi obligado a tomar la autopista, conducir hasta la siguiente salida y dar la vuelta. Mi cabeza explotó en ese punto. Sabía que no debería ser una ofensa fallida, pero la bruja me habría fallado por eso. Me disculpé. Cuando terminamos, le agradecí su tiempo y su tiempo extra. Él rió. Pero todavía esperaba fallar. San Geraldo y yo nos detuvimos nuevamente en McDonald’s para almorzar, mientras yo me resignaba a no volver a conducir nunca más. La ansiedad no valía la pena para mí. Después de todo, no conduzco desde 2013, cuando expiró mi licencia de California.

Menos de una hora después, mi instructor Tomás llamó por teléfono y me preguntó si quería buenas noticias. Estoy eufórico. Mañana tendré mi licencia temporal y la permanente llegará por correo.

Olvidé compartir un par de fotos del amanecer del martes tomadas con mi teléfono. La calidad de la foto no es tan buena, pero la cámara del teléfono pudo captar más blues. Y luego hubo algunos hibiscos exquisitos por la ciudad. Es hora de limpiar la cocina después de San Geraldo que acaba de poner tres hogazas de pan de plátano en el horno, y luego me voy a dar un paseo de celebración bajo el sol de la tarde.

Gracias a todos por el apoyo moral. San Geraldo ha estado a la altura de su título (Santo, no Gruñón). Ha sido muy comprensivo, paciente y, sobre todo, empático.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

49 thoughts on “Cruisin’ and playin’ the radio / Navegando y tocanda la radio”

  1. YAY!!
    Now that is over with and you guys can zoom around the countryside when covid things allow.
    Your sunrises are incredible!
    Hibiscus always remind me of Bermuda. These are beautiful.

    1. Jim,
      We are both very happy today. As you can imagine SG shared the stress. Hibiscuses (that plural,is SO peculiar) are everywhere in Fuengirola. Glorious. Can’t wait for our first road trip… and also driving mySELF somewhere for a change. SG has truly been a saint.

  2. Hallelujah!!! The sunrise and flower photos are appropriate to the message–absolutely beautiful. And Brava to SG for being such a supportive partner.

    1. Mary,
      Can’t believe how different today feels. SG has been a wonder. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks!

    1. Wickedhamster,
      I’ll set the route on Google maps! What a fun driving trip that will be.

  3. Congratulations. The news we’ve all been waiting for. We all knew you would do it, your determination was so obvious to us all. Such beautiful flowers and congrats to the photographer.

    1. Karen,
      I had run out of determination and am so pleased I pushed ahead with a second go. SG really helped with that. Can’t believe how much better I feel. Supposedly can download my temporary license at 12:30 today. And the photographer thanks you, too!

  4. Briefly coming out of my hibernation to cheer CONGRATULATIONS, SCOOT!!! Saint Grumpy, the initials still work. I think if I ever get hamsters I’ll name them Scoot and Grumpy. Back to my cave.

    1. Deedles,
      Thanks for emerging! I hope you know how loved you are. Now you need to get those hamsters!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! This is wonderful news indeed. I’m sure you and SG will be having a special celebratory dinner and dessert to mark the occasion at a restaurant you will DRIVE to!

    1. Debra,
      Yeah, we decided to celebrate last night … with take-away pizza! But my birthday is Wednesday, so we’ll celebrate OUT then!

  6. Congratulations. This was so stressful for you. I’m glad it’s over and you succeeded! Hope you celebrate appropriately.

  7. Congratulations, I never doubted you would pass. Now where do you want to go, no place in particular is fine.

    1. David,
      J suggested a road trip for here to visit you. Wouldn’t that be fun… and interesting!

  8. YAY for you, Mitchell! Think of all the road trip adventures you and SG will have now that the driving can be shared! Your sunrise photos are also stunning…

  9. Hooray! Congratulations! Finally, a driving instructor with some decency and common sense.

    I love all of your photos, but the sunrises are spectacular. Just gorgeous!

    Now go and celebrate your license! WOOHOO!

    1. Jennifer,
      Yes, the examiner was a professional… with a sense of humor. Imagine that. Thanks for the moral support.

    1. Wilma,
      Life is different today. I plan to coast on this feeling for a while. Thanks!

  10. That’s wonderful news! Happy that you’re DONE WITH THAT! Enjoy your automotive freedom.

    1. Chrissoup,
      DONE WITH THAT! Exactly what I said. I truly wasn’t expecting this. What a huge relief. We have a happy house. SG lived this with me.

    1. Jan from Perth,
      Thanks so much. The world seems brighter today. So relieved and excited.

  11. That is MARVELOUS news! And beautiful, color-filled photos! Awwwwww, this is a great thing to find on your blog today.

    1. Judy C,
      Thanks so much. I was really expecting to share different news. A surprise and relief. And no anxiety attack today!!!

  12. I want to join the chorus! CONGRATULATIONS! I knew it would happen once you got a competent examiner. You will look back and, well, maybe laugh. 😉

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      We were actually laughing yesterday about the first examiner. It’s a shame nothing can be done about her.

    1. Kirk,
      We’ve had a list I’d driving trips that would be great if we could split the driving. It will take forever to drive everywhere we’ve talked about.

  13. Glad to hear that you got a decent examiner. Could you now complain about the first one? Congratulations on the pass. Sometimes, when I am driving ,( been driving for well over 50 yrs) I pretend that I am taking a test…..good practice for if they bring in tests for oldies!

    1. Frances,
      I wish I could complain, but she’s been there for years with no repercussions. So, probably not worth my efforts. The rules to pass the driving test here are so over the top, I don’t think even a good driver on the road would think of everything. I got my US license in NYC (horrors!!!) in 1971. This examiner was a professional … and respectful, too.

  14. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! That’s so awesome. Congratulations, and what a relief! I’m so glad you got someone reasonable administering the test.

    1. Steve:
      I went with the expectation that I would never drive again. A very nice surprise.

  15. I read these in reverse, so I get to see not only the good news but the many comments of love and congratulations you get. Good for you !

  16. Very happy for you that you passed your driving test. Now that you are legal what kind of car are you buying to drive out to shop etc… I know of great deals of luxury cars, like RR or Bentley or BMW 7 series nothing special its all about comfort.

    1. Laurent:
      I’ve never been much for “status” cars — although I DO like a Bentley or a Rolls. However, we already have a Prius and have no need for a second car. In 4-1/2 years, we’ve put 15,000 km on this car.

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