A slab and a slice / Una losa y una rebanada

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THE TENSION AT HOME HAS eased significantly. Although San Geraldo wasn’t suffering the same anxiety attacks, he did suffer through the drivers license process along with me. I went to bed without stress last night and woke up the same way — except for telling Moose to shut up at 6. (It didn’t work.) At 5, I went to pee and he demanded I join him in the kitchen and kneel next to him (and pet him) while he ate. It’s a good thing we love him. Isabel was here to clean.

We enjoyed coffee at Mesón Salvador and then a pleasant lunch at home while we enjoyed the final two episodes of “Mozart in the Jungle.” We had chocolate-chip banana bread for dessert. I told San Geraldo to cut me an actual slice, while he cut himself a slab. A slab gives me heartburn. A slice makes me happy. You can see the difference for yourself. I changed the sheets and towels, washed towels and hung them on the line, read blogs, went to the hardware store, worked on SG’s book, went for a 1-hour walk on the Paseo. It’s like I’ve come back to life.

The principal photos I’ve shared today will show you what the cats did over the course of an hour, until just before Isabel arrived this morning. It took them a long time to catch on that they’d have to wait for their treats from Isabel. Dudo’s stalking was a bit creepy — and yet adorable.


LA TENSIÓN EN CASA SE ha aliviado significativamente. Aunque San Geraldo no estaba sufriendo los mismos ataques de ansiedad, sí sufrió durante el proceso de licencia de conducir junto conmigo. Me fui a la cama sin estrés anoche y me desperté de la misma manera, excepto por decirle a Moose que se callara a las 6. (No funcionó). A las 5, fui a orinar y me exigió que me reuniera con él en la cocina y arrodíllate junto a él (y acarícialo) mientras come. Es bueno que lo amemos. Isabel estaba aquí para limpiar.

Disfrutamos de un café en Mesón Salvador y luego de un agradable almuerzo en casa mientras disfrutábamos de los dos últimos episodios de “Mozart in the Jungle”. Teníamos pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate de postre. Le dije a San Geraldo que me cortara un trozo de verdad, mientras él se cortaba un trozo. Una losa me produce acidez estomacal. Una rebanada me hace feliz. Puedes ver la diferencia por ti mismo. Cambié las sábanas y las toallas, lavé las toallas y las colgué en la línea, leí blogs, fui a la ferretería, trabajé en el libro de SG, di una caminata de 1 hora por el Paseo. Es como si hubiera vuelto a la vida.

Las fotos principales que he compartido hoy les mostrarán lo que hicieron los gatos en el transcurso de una hora, hasta justo antes de que llegara Isabel esta mañana. Les tomó mucho tiempo darse cuenta de que tendrían que esperar a recibir sus aperitivos de Isabel. El acecho de Dudo era un poco espeluznante — pero adorable.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “A slab and a slice / Una losa y una rebanada”

  1. So glad your anxiety has abated. You sound happy today. The banana/chocolate chip bread looks delicious.
    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! I’m impressed.

      1. I’ve been trying to lower the sugar intake so I use Lily’s stevia sweetened dark chocolate chips when I bake now. Also a natural sugar substitute called PureCane.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the sweet relief of anxiety’s passage! I made banana bread this week too, but I put walnuts in mine, not chocolate chips. I’m with you on the slice vs slab controversy. But jeez, who eats banana bread with a fork? Just pick it up and cram it in your mouth, fergawdssake. That’s how I learned to eat it!

    1. Debra:
      I LOVE walnuts but SG loathes them. So, they never go in anything he bakes. The chocolate chips in the banana bread make for messy handling. I hate messy.

  3. I know it is heresy to you and SG (and your readers!) – but I just don’t like banana bread. I wish I did. I won’t go into why I don’t like it so I don’t ruin it for anyone else. However, I am happy that it makes you and so many others happy!

    The cats are adorable even at their most intent stalkiness.

  4. On the rare occasion I make banana bread, I put in pecans instead of chocolate chips. I actually prefer lemon poppy seed cake! Dudo certainly made himself known around the house in an innocent, yet stalkerish, intensity, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I would love the banana bread with pecans. SG hates them (and walnuts). Oh, the sacrifices I make. He has a fun recipe for lemon poppy seed quick bread. It´s from his mother — a box of this, a box of that. But then real lemons. Dudo can be very stalkerish!

    1. Steve:
      Of course, being black and white, anything would go with the cats. But I do consider them whenever I buy bed linens sheets.

    1. Bob:
      I adore our boys, too. I just finished another slice, SG another slab.

    1. John:
      It does, but from what I´ve read, it tastes nothing like it. Although bara brith sounds delicious.

  5. Nothing worse than something causing you stress……it will eat away. But……no longer! Happy for you.
    The cats are all eyes, I see. They don’t miss a trick.

    1. Robyn:
      There was nothing calm about that cat. All he wanted was his morning treat.

  6. So glad that you passed that driving test and found the anxiety lifted. Do you think that there is any value to their ridiculously stringent licensing policy? Do the drivers seem better in Spain? Are there fewer accidents or are they just being jerks?

    1. Claudia:
      I honestly don’t see any value in the requirements for a drivers license other than making money for the government and for auto schools. It´s ironic to be in the middle of a driving exam (or lesson) following all the laws while everyone around you is breaking them all. Drivers here are no better than anywhere I´ve lived. And, in many cases, worse.

  7. You’ve learned the wisdom I see that anxiety abates in time.
    And for those crazy cats… well, you know the rest.

    1. Urspo:
      Oh, it’s not as if it’s a new lesson. Too bad it doesn’t stick!

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