Morning melons / Melones matutinos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SORRY I DROPPED OUT OF sight yesterday. I wasn’t in the best of moods, dreading yet another driving “lesson” early this morning. As Tomás, my charming and excellent instructor, told me today, “It’s all foolishness.”

Still… I buried myself in the work on San Geraldo’s book and we then drove to Plaza Mayor in the afternoon — primarily because I was already again out of ink for my printer. I bought extra this time. I also found a new pair of sneakers at the Puma shop in the outlet mall and a couple of things at L’Occitane. I’ll show you the shoes soon. We first enjoyed Mocha Frapuccinos at Starbuck’s — along with pastries. I headed off to shop while San Geraldo sat and worked on his book. Once home, SG had a brief siesta while I again buried myself in work.

We then had a long, love- and laughter-filled video chat with Nick and Alyson in Colchester, England. We haven’t seen each other since February 2020 and have only had a couple of video chats, and we still don’t know when they’ll be able to travel here (without paying exhorbitant fees for covid testing before and after their visit). The UK has a travel light system and Spain is amber. We look forward to being green.

But back to driving. I had a good session with Tomás again today. Had it been the exam, I would have passed, he said. Of course, had Tomás been the examiner when I actually took the exam, I would have passed then and I wouldn’t still be doing this. I told Tomás he’s my therapist.

Anyway, the best part of the day so far has been seeing the business manager, Sandra, who was wearing a very festive and fun T-shirt. It was watermelon pink. You can see the details below.


LO SIENTO, CAÍ FUERA DE vista ayer. No estaba de muy buen humor, temiendo otra más “lección” de conducción temprano esta mañana. Como me dijo hoy Tomás, mi encantador y excelente instructor: “Todo es una tontería.”

Aún así … me sumergí en el trabajo del libro de San Geraldo y luego condujimos a la Plaza Mayor por la tarde, principalmente porque ya me había quedado sin tinta para mi impresora. Compré más esta vez. También encontré un nuevo par de zapatillas en la tienda Puma del centro comercial outlet y unas cosas en L’Occitane. Te mostraré los zapatos pronto. Primero disfrutamos Mocha Frapuccinos en Starbuck’s, junto con pasteles. Salí de compras mientras San Geraldo se sentaba y trabajaba en su libro. Una vez en casa, SG tuvo una breve siesta mientras yo volvía a sumergirme en el trabajo.

Luego tuvimos un video chat largo, lleno de amor y risas con Nick y Alyson en Colchester, Inglaterra. No nos hemos visto desde febrero de 2020 y solo hemos tenido un par de videochats, y todavía no sabemos cuándo podrán viajar aquí (sin pagar tarifas exorbitantes por las pruebas de covid antes y después de su visita). El Reino Unido tiene un sistema de luz de viaje y España es ámbar. Esperamos ser verde.

Pero volvamos a conducir. Hoy he vuelto a tener una buena sesión con Tomás. Si hubiera sido el examen, lo habría aprobado, dijo. Por supuesto, si Tomás hubiera sido el examinador cuando realmente hice el examen, lo habría aprobado entonces y todavía no estaría haciendo esto. Le dije a Tomás que él es mi terapeuta.

De todos modos, la mejor parte del día hasta ahora ha sido ver a la gerente comercial, Sandra, que lucía una camiseta muy festiva y divertida. Era rosa sandía. Puedes ver los detalles a continuación.

• The previous images are Tuesday’s sunrise.
• Las imágenes anteriores son el amanecer del martes.

• The final three images are Wednesday’s sunrise.
• Las últimas tres imágenes son el amanecer del miércoles.

• I asked Sandra if she knew what it said and she of course did. I asked if she knew what it meant and she said, “Yes, it’s a watermelon.” So, today I taught her some American slang and, luckily, she found it hilarious.

• Le pregunté a Sandra si sabía lo que decía y por supuesto que sí. Le pregunté si sabía lo que significaba y dijo: “Sí, es una sandía”. Entonces, hoy le enseñé un poco de jerga estadounidense y, afortunadamente, lo encontró divertidísimo. NOTA: Los melones también son tetas. (¡Como, “Nice melons!” [Bonitas tetas!])

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Morning melons / Melones matutinos”

  1. Wonderful sunrises. Melons – slang lost in translation. Puma makes Ferrari driving shoes, you’d look good in those.

    1. David:
      I looked at the selection of Puma driving shoes. Very cool. If I’m ever allowed to drive, I may treat myself to a pair.

  2. You are a perfectly competent driver. If you get a bad tester don’t let their hidden agenda throw you. Chances are you will get a tester with integrity. You will test well and earn a pass. Don’t let other people’s monkeys get into your head. Listen to your own monkeys – they say you will pass with flying colors. Repeat this to yourself daily!

    1. sillygirl:
      My monkeys were put there by other people! Still, I’ll plug away. Thanks for the moral support!

      1. sillygirl:
        Easier said than done, but I do sometimes win over my monkeys. Today´s a good day.

  3. Those sunrise photos are just gorgeous. Could stare at them for long periods of time, imagining myself sitting on your porch. Sigh. Worth the effort at getting up so early.

    Love that Sandra enjoyed the t-shirt joke. Good to be around people with a sense of humor. Also good that your driving time with Tomas went well.

    1. Mary:
      Sandra is very easy to get to know. I hesitated at first telling her but she DOES have a great sense of humour and I thought she’d get a kick out of the other meaning. She did.

  4. A good sense of humour is SO necessary in this life. YAY Sandra!!
    Those sunrises…….’Red sky in the morning sailors take warning’……..did it rain later?
    You GOT this driving test! Oh, and a new examiner hopefully.

    1. Debra:
      No filters ever used. I had a hard time capturing the true colors of Tuesday’s sunrise. There were many more levels of color at the horizon.

    1. Judy C:
      And my photos don’t do them justice. There were so many more levels of color.

  5. Stunning sunrise shots. They never get old. Sandra wears her melon(s) well.

    We are having an influx of sargassum wash up on our beach. We have to have it raked up and hauled into piles downwind of us because it smells so bad as it decomposes. But it makes terrific soil amendment for our raised garden beds. Never a dull moment when you live by the sea, is there?

    1. Wilma:
      I never get tired of the constant changes along the shore. The sargassum sounds like a bit of a gift after all is said… and done.

  6. You never lack for amazing sunrises, do you?! I’m sorry the driving thing is stressing you out. Glad you could enlighten Sandra on some American slang (and that she took it well!).

    1. Steve:
      Winter sunrises are usually the most dramatic, but we’ve had some amazing mornings lately. I thought I already knew Sandra well enough (she’s easy to get know — open and charming) to tell her what the shirt meant. I hesitated momentarily. Her reaction was perfect.

  7. Wow!!!! It’s hard to knock the breath out of me….but you did it with those first fives pictures!!!! The color couldn’t be more brilliant.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Thanks! And the color in the photos doesn’t do those sunrises justice. I probably could have done a better job, but I wanted to go back to bed and I was standing on the terrace in the buff again.

    1. Bob:
      Just think of the sunshine and beachgoers I´m seeing righ now. That should perk you up.

  8. I am a sort of Time traveler; a ghost of christmas future.
    Not to be worrying about the car test. Trust me on this one.

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