I’ll Paint Rainbows All Over Your Blues

I decided this morning that I wanted to explore all the sculptures in Maria Luisa Park. So, I walked over on this ‘blustery autumn’ day. In shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. Under another vividly blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. And with only the slightest breeze to lessen the effects of the 90F/33C sunshine. Somewhere in the world, I know, it’s blustery and autumn. Just not here in Sevilla. I strolled the entire park and shot photos of most of the sculptures. But, given the heat, I found myself drawn to the water — the fountains, ponds, and the waterfall. After walking for two hours, I decided it would be much more refreshing to share that water with you. The statues will wait for another day.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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17 thoughts on “I’ll Paint Rainbows All Over Your Blues”

  1. Beautiful. I recall a guide at the Alhambra telling us that Moorish fountains are close to the ground and often reflective because the noisy sound of splashing water (water being a rare commodity) was equal to bragging and an insult to Allah. Spanish fountains are more Italian and quite splashy. I don't know if this is true but I enjoy them both ways.

  2. What a wonderful place to explore! I had never heard the "Rainbows All Over Your Blues" song before and I really like it! Thanks for sharing it with all of us loyal fans!

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      So glad you liked the song. It's from 1970 and was on the "John B. Sebastian" album (you and I weren't born yet when the album came out, which is why you hadn't heard it before).

  3. Hey, I was here on Monday! Didn't go into the woods though. But loved the tiled 'Province Alcoves' along the walls of the Plaza de España. Each province has it's own style and color of painting those tiles.

    Wanted to walk the park too, but with two left feet and the stamina of an… [I'm not going to say that here] I walked along this half round building which is 600 meters / 2000 feet long. So by passing this building I was already over half of my daily distance of walking. I just leave out getting there and finding a taxi on Avenue de Portugal. In all I walked a mile. I missed my electric scooter to go and see more places. Like Plaza America and the Glorietta.

    But you do get to learn the pleasure of water, in ponds and fountains. the bringer of life, relief and well being.

  4. Oh, I always love water :)) I think that I would get cranky living in Sevilla with the high temps you get 🙁 Does it get humid, too? That REALLY does me in. When we had the stretch of 107-ish°F temps this summer, some of the days were actually bearable, because there wasn't a lick of humidity. If it's 85° or 90° and humid I just can't STAND it… can hardly function outside. So…tell me… humid or dry, Mitch, humid or dry!? :))

    1. Judeet:
      I do love living by the sea and expect we'll be somewhere along the coast some day. Sevilla is not like Palm Spring, California, where the temp could be 115F and the humidity 5%. But it's not usually overly humid here (not like New Orleans or Miami). I actually find the level of humidity comfortable here during the summer — not so humid that you can't function and not so dry (like Palm Springs) that it hurts to breathe.

  5. Us too! Us too! Fountains! Fall! I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, too! Under a long-sleeved Henley and a fleece jacket and a hefty pair of jeans. And for fountains, we got lots of water spraying. From up in the sky down onto the ground. All over. Degrees? We got degrees! Sixteen of 'em. And blue sky, too. Got it covered. By a thick layer of cloud.

    Are you jealous, yet? 😉

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I love your description of your weather. You have everything we have… and then quite a bit more. (Sorry I'm not jealous; I'm too virtuous for jealousy.) It's supposed to be 33C again today; but tomorrow is supposed to drop to a truly autumnal 26C!

  6. Brrr-rrrr!!! I feel your pain, Mitch!! lol
    It is 14C here….a true autumn day in Nova Scotia. I know I must be MAD but I look forward to the cooler temps.
    Now to this park/paradise you visited…….gorgeous! Where are all the people? Probably too cold for them?
    What a great photo of the double rainbow Mitch…..good shot!
    Guess you won't be needing the mitts we knitted for you two! lol

    1. Jim:
      Well, I do enjoy when it gets below 30C here!

      It was a quiet day at the park and plaza for some reason. Also, I was there during siesta. There WERE people around, but I managed to snap when no one was around (well, except for two people in the first shot and one in the second that I Photoshopped out because they ruined the composition)! When Jerry and I were at the Plaza de España the week before, it was mobbed with tourists and souvenir sellers.

      No re-touching of the double rainbow, however. I stepped on to a little footbridge, bent down to take a picture of the fountains on the pond, and then I saw the rainbows.

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